Obese hog

chapter 1

You lay there, trapped under your copious amounts of excess blubber. Blubber you put on. You gained this weight, not me. You can whine and complain that I made you this fat but I wasn’t the one forcing you to eat every thing placed in front of you. I didn’t make you shove cake after cake into your flabby face. You did this. You are the only person to blame for your obesity. I chuckle, reaching forward to grab your two love handles. I shake them violently causing you to groan in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Fat disgusting pig. I bully, saying each word with every shake of your fat gut. To believe that you were once skinny. Once a skinny fitness freak. To me it looks like you ate her. I walk over to the other side of your bed strapping a mask over your face, inserting a feeding tube into your mouth with a seemingly never ending stream of chocolate shake flowing out. I know you enjoy this pig, you were always a fat girl. This is your destiny. No use complaining big girl. No amount of dieting will reverse the glorious damage you did to your body.

Turning on the tv an image of a fat blob lying on a bed fills the screen. It’s you, pig. Unrecognisable by anyone from your previous life. Just an unloveable ***. I tease patting your head as you continue to swallow the chocolate mixture. Get a good look pig. The triple belly handing between your behemoth thighs. You take up over three quarters of the bed. Take note pig, of your chin. It melts into your neck, unable to tell the beginning or end. Your tits so fat, covered in stretch marks. So saggy, you wouldn’t believe they are attached to a young 24 year old. You’re practically a ball, so round, so fat filled. It’s like you pumped fat into you filling out every inch of your body. Making you rounder and rounder until you’re just a blob of a girl. See that, I point at the screen. That’s you. I still remember when you had perky tits, a tight ass, just a hint of chub. That’s all gone now, now you’re just a fat greedy sow. You’ll never lose weight, never return to your original glory. You’ll always be a fat pig. You’ll be my fat pig. I smirk jiggling your fat bingo wings. Such a lazy pig, no longer even lifting her fat arms. You wanted this, this is your life. I say increasing the speed of the feeding tube. I watch as your eyes widen trying to keep up with the fast flow of thick liquid. That’s it piggy, keep going. Not like you’ll ever get skinny. Giving your gut one more jiggle I leave watching as you struggle to keep up with the tube.
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Nesthicc 4 years
Looking forward to more
Plushush 4 years
Short and sweet! Awesome work!!