The intern 15

Chapter 1 - first day nerves

It was Flora’s first day at her new job interning at the local law firm. It was only a short distance from her apartment to the office so she decided that she would walk. Flora was by no means skinny, she was chubby at best. Her stomach; a small paunch of chub from late night fast food runs and drinking beer like it was water. Her thighs were no models thighs equipped with a thigh gap but they were toned from the walking she did, albeit they touched in the middle. Her chubbiness put her to be about a size 12 in most clothes. She wore a pencil skirt that stretched over her hips and thighs. Not so much clinging to her but highlighting her assets. Her button down was crisp, any sight of wrinkles or creases had been steamed out in her attempt to make a good first impression on her boss. Her makeup was done naturally finished with a red lipstick painted across her naturally plump lips. Her hair tied back neatly into a bun, making her face look rounder and softer. To finish her business casual look off she wore black heels giving her the height her 5,5 frame lacked.

On her commute to work, she passed a pastry shop. The smell of melted sugar and soft buttery pastries filled her nostrils turning her attention to the miscellaneous pastries in the store window. As if in a trance Flora walked into the store. Her self control at this time was still pretty in tact so she ordered one Nutella filled cronut. Continuing her walk to work she ate the pastry, the first bite was delectable. So soft, so buttery. It made her mouth water for more. Soon the pastry the size of both her palms was gone taking residence in her chubby belly. She burps softly unaware of the Nutella around her mouth. She was so consumed by the flavour of the pastry it was like the world melted away and it was all she could think of.

Eventually her pastry fantasy was cut short as she arrived at the office she would be working at. She walked into the front lobby and was told that she could either take the stairs or elevator to level 27. Opting for the elevator she got in and made the trip up to the office floor.
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Deepfriedglu... 4 years
Thank you, I just noticed the error and have amended it 🥰
Jazzman 4 years
Very nice writing and good imagery. I assume you meant she "decided to walk". Can't wait for more.