Post passion patties - a totally spies fanfic

Chapter 1 - prelude

Disclaimer: This story is an alternate universe fanfic for the TV show 'Totally Spies' taking place after the events of the 'Passion Patties' episode. There will be elements of romance, weight gain, slobbiness, and more!

Please watch the show and episode beforehand, otherwise, enjoy the story!


A fanatical craze over the new dessert "Passion Patties" has swept the nation. Invented by the grandmotherly Inga Bittersweet, the cookies are a major hit, as people flock to the Happy Girls Scouts for the delicacy - even to steal. The three spies, Alex, Clover and Sam don disguises to infiltrate the organization to find its source to stop it before it's too late. They quickly discover the creator's location in Switzerland.

During the trip, Clover became addicted to the sweet treat, nibbling cookie after cookie, her svelte figure succumbing to the addictive Passion Patties. This is noticed by her companions, as they comment on her expanding waistline. Clover shrugs it off and continues mindlessly consuming. Reaching the facility, the three disguise once again to tour around and find more information on Passion Patties' creation. Clover wanders off to satisfy herself, eventually leading the three to get captured. Inga Bittersweet divulges her plans of world conquest by cookie to Sam, Clover, and Alex as they are strapped to force-feeding chairs with seemingly endless Passion Patties attached.
With their gadgets, the thinner two free themselves before consuming a single piece, while taking a sample of the main ingredient for lab testing. Clover, now over twice the size of her friends, is pulled away from the machine. Escaping, they find out the location of the factory in Iceland.

It didn't take long for the team to enter the manufacturing site, as the three are forced to fight their way to put an end to Passion Patties. The larger employees proved difficult for the smaller Sam and Alex to handle, but with tools and determination, they succeed in foiling Inga Bittersweet's plans. After restraining her (and giving a taste of her own medicine) the spy organization WHOOP began confiscating and tearing down the factory. The spies are left with many questions, which Jerry their trustworthy butler-like assistant (who too has eaten one too many cookies) has the answers...
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Justenjoy 4 years
Thank you! Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, hopefully you have a full recovery
I-am-eightee... 4 years
(Part 2) I haven't had the time to sit down and write as I had to make up for all the time missed from my job. I am trying to post it in the next couple of days.
I-am-eightee... 4 years
I had gotten sicker and got admitted to the hospital for pneumonia... I thought I was getting better until I woke up that morning. I know I haven't posted the latest chapter but I'm trying to catch up on personal issues.
Justenjoy 4 years
It’s been 16 days since you said you’d upload tomorrow. I just want to know what’s going on.
Justenjoy 4 years
C’mon dude. It’s one thing to have to it want to stop uploading for a reason. That’s fine. Ignoring us and going completely silent when you’re active on here and deviantart is another matter.
Justenjoy 4 years
Hey, I noticed the story stopped updating on Deviantart. Everything okay with you?
I-am-eightee... 4 years
(Continued... final)

But rest assured my sequel will come here in time! smiley
I-am-eightee... 4 years

For those disappointed for the decision, I do apologize. But with how busy I am sometimes (weekly updates), and how the stories section works, the story I spend hours on will be lost and forgotten, buried by new ones.
I-am-eightee... 4 years

I have it up with a few chapters on deviantart actually. With Fantasy Feeder's readers and algorithm, I held off posting the new story up on here. Long form stories arent as popular compared to the shorter, quicker ones.
Justenjoy 4 years
Is the new story on hold?
Justenjoy 4 years
Can’t wait!
I-am-eightee... 4 years

Don't worry, she'll get it back in the sequel. Im currently working on it, and the first chapter will be out by next week! smiley glad you've enjoyed the story.
Justenjoy 4 years
Poor Clover was forced to lose all her weight. smiley
Waxer 4 years
Really great story getting better with each new addition. Can't wait for what comes next!
Justenjoy 4 years
I have to say, I’m really enjoying this. I can’t believe Clover is practically a feedee already. Here’s hoping she gains more weight than she bargained for.
Theswordsman 4 years
I wonder if mandy will end up getting hooked onto the new patties
I-am-eightee... 4 years
(Cont'd) Once Markus Passion Patty revival plans begins, thats where the main drama and weight gain will happen. Thank you for posting your thoughts. I don't want to rush into things, at the cost of the story. (I am fully aware this is a fetish site)
I-am-eightee... 4 years
@justenjoy Yes! Believe me, I am looking forward to that part as much as the others. The first 'act,' is all bulid up. This story is meant to be realistic to the universe and characters.
Justenjoy 4 years
I’m not sure if you mentioned before or not, but passion patties will become a lot more incorporated into the story later on right?

This is great stuff! I’m enjoying the romance and the insistence that Clover should adapt to and love her new body.
I-am-eightee... 4 years
If you're getting deja vu - yesterday I posted chapter 13. When I woke up, I discovered the my additions had been removed. It's back up again, as it appears the site glitched or something. I've reported the issue smiley
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