Sweet dreams 2: eileen and her fattening dream

Chapter 1 - 1 - life changing pizza order (part 1)

Foreword from the author:

This story doesn't require the reading of the first Sweet Dreams, (check the sidebar or my profile for the link) but it will better explain some of the characters backstories, and other elements from the previous that'll come to light. This story will be long, with many chapters, just like the last.

As for an update schedule, I plan to do a new 'page/chapter' every other day, to give me more time to write.

Thank you for all the support, and I hope you enjoy!


"Just another day...." the orange-red haired ginger collapsed in her bed, still clad in her fast food uniform, coated with grease stains. Exhaustion was all her existence, as she stared at the ceiling wondering how her life had gone wrong. Looking at her high school diploma mounted against the wall, reminded her of the last time she was happy.

"Eileen! Eileen! Where are you!?" a demanding male voice called through the small ranch home's walls. The average woman's life was nothing but, as her egotistical father yelled once again.

"I'm coming!" the nineteen year old stepped out of her room and into the messy living area.

"'Bout time you showed your face... hey could you go and pick up the pizza from Johnny's Slice? Here's my card."

"You sure you have enough money in the bank?" the daughter argued.

"Of course I do, why would I order?" he retorted, "Go! We don't want the pizza to get cold!"

Eileen stared at her father with disdain, in complete disgust and pity what he had become. She took the card, the car keys, and drove off into town to fetch the ordered food. On the way to her destination, she reminisced the better days once more, back in high school, where life was simpler, and hopeful. However, with such thoughts, eventually led to the hopelessness of her present situation. Her father, Frederick 'Freddy' Lewis, worked as a professional steel welder who paid the bills for the household, only to have twenty years of expertise cut short by a workplace accident. His employer 'scammed' him out of his retirement and workers comp, halving the normal income received. One thing led to another, alcoholism and depression struck all within two years, eventually crippling the family altogether, and leading to a divorce.

Eileen sighed, as she felt there wasn't much she could do at this point, other than take her father's abusive words, and keep a roof over her head. Once she arrived at the small mom and pop pizza joint, she stepped out of the car and into the pizza parlor.
"Gee..." she thought, observing the half dozen people waiting in line to pick up her food. The five foot, seven woman heaved a heavy sigh, "I suppose the pizza will be cold..." she expressed, as a overly tall muscular man approached her from behind.

"Excuse me madame?" he grabbed the girl's attention. "I noticed your car lights are still on," the man's voice was of like a gentleman, and clad like one too - black blazer and all.

"Oh, thanks, but I think it'll be fine. Just picking up the pizza." she awkwardly responded, "I don't want to lose my place in line..." turning away from the finely dressed male. One by one, the queue shrinked, eventually giving her turn to speak to the cashier. "I'm here to pick up a pizza for 'Lewis'..." the redhead asked.

"One large, meat lovers pizza? That'll be sixteen o' eight." the female employee answered, as she received the debit card given to by Eileen's father. With one swipe, the cashier noticed something strange on her computer screen, swiping it again. Dread entered Eileen's mind as she had a strong inclination that her father lied about having money in the bank. After the third attempt the worker handed the card back "I'm sorry, but the screen keeps saying transaction rejected. You should call the bank and find out why," and with those words, her fears were confirmed. Eileen dug into her work pants pockets, pulling out her small coin purse wallet. She opened it and looked for her own bank card to pay the bill herself, except, it wasn't in the usual spot!

"Oh god oh god oh god!" her hazel eyes desperately searched, then glanced behind her to witness over eight people waiting for her - including the big man himself. "Where is my stupid card!"

A hand on her shoulder surprised the nineteen year old, "Don't worry. It's on me," Eileen turned around to witness the musclebound man pull out a few hundred dollar bills. "I'll cover her pizza, and the order for 'Patrick' as well.

"Alrighty!" The cashier happily obliged, "Patrick, I have you down for two pepperoni pizzas, two supreme, two barbecue, two Hawaiian, and finally the meat lovers that was under Lewis. That'll be one hundred and forty eight and fifty cents."

"Dang!" Eileen thought immediately, "I this dude's rich.... He just casually paid for my pizza! But I'm such a loser, unable to pay off my own food..." she rubbed the back of her head, head hung low in embarrassment.

"Here's your pizza, madame." the tall, well over six foot man presented.

"T-thanks..." she nervously accepted, watching the generous man leave the pizza shop. The ginger was in complete disbelief at the fortune she had received, a small blessing in her hellish world. Returning to her junker late 90s car, Eileen threw the pizza in the passenger seat, turning on the ignition. Click. Twisting again, Click. "FUCCC-" she silenced herself, taking a deep breath. "Of effing course this WOULD happen." the elder teen banged her head against the steering wheel, making a small honk in the process.

"Madame, are you alright?" a familiar voice called faintly through the door. Eileen looked to her left, witnessing the same big gentleman just moments ago.

Opening the door to respond, "What does it look like?" she retorted, "I'm stuck!" a frustrated tear ran down her cheek. "I should've turned off the car light...dammit!"

"Y'know, it's not a car battery issue. Look..." he pointed, the light shined against the brick walls. "Looks like your car's dead in the water."

"...and what, you gonna call for a tow truck for me?" Eileen joked with sarcasm.

"Well, of course I am. It's the least I can do to help a unfortunate woman like you. My name is Patrick Mahone, in case if you didn't get it back at the pizza shop." he held his hand out for her. "Come, have a seat in my car, I'll make the call to get your vehicle taken to the shop, repaired and ready for you."

The high school grad's suspicions peaked, "My god, don't be patronizing me like this... what do I owe you? My virginity!? It's all I have left! What's going on? Why are you being so kind!" the fair skinned girl argued. "...And why in god's name should I trust a random man like you to help a crappy failure of a woman like me?"

Patrick smiled, "Because sometimes, fate and fortune brings people together. I am believer in that. It would look like you've been handed many misfortunes. I am here to change that course. Now, are you going to accept my help or not?"

"As much as I don't have a choice... my father's still gonna kill me for bringing the pizza back so slowly..." the young woman was gently pulled out of the car by the new acquaintance.

"What is your name, madame?" the man queried.

"Eileen Lewis..." she quietly said, as she walked with him to his car. Her eyes caught a glimpse of the front grille logo, "A Tesla?"

"Love this car to death, can travel three hundred miles on a single charge, and it accelerates like a racecar too." he happily stated, opening the passenger side door. "Have a seat, I'll be back shortly."

The nineteen year old watched as the giant man walked to her car, smartphone in ear. "Crap! The pizza!" she realized, opening the door. "Patrick! My pizza!" reminding him. He turned around and nodded. Finished with his phone call, he grabbed the pizza on the passenger side and returned to the car.

"Your pizza..." the strongman returned, "A got an acquaintance who will take the car and work on it. Once I find out your address, it shall be promptly returned.

"When will I have it? I work tomorrow?"

"Eileen, you'll have it by tomorrow afternoon. But, I have a feeling your plans will change." he answered, turning the car on.
"Plans? Change? I got a father to help and take care of! I have to be at work!"

"I understand your concerns, but you'll soon realize what I mean later. Now, what is your home address, Eileen?"

"89 Farrow Street."

"Here in Charlesburg?"


Patrick set his GPS for the address, "Be there in ten minutes, your pizza should still be warm, if that's your concern." The two sped off out of the parking lot making quick pace to the young woman's home. Eileen felt humbled at the chance to ride a luxurious car, something in her life she'd never imagine doing.


Now that Sweet Dreams 1 is coming to a close, (and I still have a few epilogue chapters to add) I will be working on the next phase of the story. The title art cover was created by me. (I'm no artist)

I welcome any feedback, likes or comments are greatly appreciated, and are taken to consideration!

Have a wonderful day,

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To the readers,
I will be having Vacation for the first half of may.
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Ava is so pretty and sweet, and Patrick is so nice and caring, they seem like the kind of people id love to befriend and work with
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@Cvmfatty, I'm working on it! Been very busy with life! But I want write more as much as you want to read it! smiley
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Ch 3 gets cut off at the end but good story so far
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Ch 2 cuts off