Roger’s roommate craig

chapter 1: craig moves in

He couldn't believe it was the start of another year....

Roger was unpacking all his moving boxes into his new dorm as he was starting his second year away at university. The only thing that would've made this better was having Craig as his roommate.

Unfortunately for Roger, he was placed in a housing unit on the other side of campus than last year since the college had finished their new state-of-the-art engineering wing whereas Craig was placed in the same unit as last year.

It was nice that he was able to be so much closer to his classes than last year but it just wouldn't be the same without Craig.

Roger had a bit of a crush on Craig in high school... I mean who wouldn't; he was the star quarterback of their high school football team. Craig was a super nice guy. He cared for everyone and made sure everyone felt welcome. That was nice for Roger since not everyone cared about the gay weird kid. It was a very conservative school but Craig was one of the few people that Roger could get along with in the school.

Roger was relieved when he finally graduated high school. He didn't have to step foot in that place again. Now he could focus on his life away at college where he could be himself without worrying about anything.

He was a little nervous at first because he didn't know who his roommate would be. Roger was friendly but hated meeting new people. Plus he was worried that he would get stuck with a very "conservative" person for a whole semester.

Room #415.... fourth floor. Finally reaching the top floor he made his way down the hallway. "Nice! A room on the corner!" Roger thought to himself as he approached the room. Upon arriving he noticed the door was cracked every so slightly. "Weird" he thought but opened the door anyway. Not realizing it his roommate was already moving stuff in.

Then right behind him almost getting hit in the head with a box, his roommate enters the room with another box.

"Whoops!" sorry man as he set the box down.

When Roger looked to see his roommate he was shocked!

"Roger... Roger Herrington?! In the flesh?" Craig said with excitement. "So nice to see a familiar face! Come here!" Craig started to reach towards Roger for a hug.

Roger took in that moment for a bit. He knew he probably would never be able to even get this close to him ever again. His arms were strong and he could feel the muscles on his back from playing years of football. He definitely felt safe having Craig as a roommate.

"Hey Craig, it's good to see you too. i'm guessing we're roomies then!"

"I guess so! I hope you don't mind I started moving in already..."

"no not at all" roger said.

"Well we lucked out, both rooms are exactly the same size with the same view out the window so we hit the jackpot!" Craig stated. "Need any help bringing things up? Just grabbed my last box so i'm all done."

"Sure! That would be great!" Roger said.

Finally after getting everything moved in and settled, Roger couldn't help but think this is going to be a great first year at college. He couldn't have picked a better roommate to share the year with.
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