Secret shame exposed

chapter 1

This was published some years ago as 'Sheri's secrets" under my earlier (same named profile)
It is autobiographical

She was always in control of her life, from a very young age. Her parents discouraged her natural streak of independence and free thinking ways. She could be very stubborn and somewhat secretive.

Sheri always loved food and her parents were always trying to control her access to it. Funnily though, her father was a health nut and always going on about the health implications of over-eating. Her mother was the feeder.. attempting to show her love via Sheri's stomach. Every day she would prepare mountains of food for the moody teen, desperate to see a smile or acknowledgement. She always offered seconds and sometimes thirds of her delicious, heavily fried and spiced dinners. Sheri made it harder and harder for her mother to parent her well and she was a spoiled brat.

Afterall, she was the apple of her daddys eye, eager for his approval, and he was rarely around at mealtimes to police the menu and portions. Puberty made it easier to disguise the weightgain as she filled out directed by hormones. And boy did she fill out.! her breasts by the time she was 11 were already a meaty 34C - and she was having to replace her bras at least every 2 months until she slowed down at a hefty 38D by the time she was 16.

She wasn't a girl who was blessed with an hourglass figure however. She was chubby, with large breasts and a thick waist, but a killer smile, long dark hair and beguiling eyes, that she used to get the attention of men that she craved. She had long but chunky thighs which looked great in shorts, her pert bubble butt. She actually got a physical thrill from wearing really tight clothes, although she never wore them out in public, she secretly would try on her mothers clothes (her mother had a more petite figure). When skirts or pants were too tight, she tried on her mother's girdles, squeezing her adolescent puppy fat into these garments- puffing and straining until she could get them done up... a secret buzzy feeling was present somewhere low.. and she loved the feeling she got.. she didn't know it was the beginning of a lifelong fat fetish, manifest in many ways.

She had repressed these memories until recently. She was an avid consumer of porn and erotica as she has always had a high sex drive. She accidentally saw on YouTube videos of women proudly showing off their fat chubby bodies and started to realise why men always commented that they loved her big curvy body. She really thought they were being kind, but now began to see the devotion that many FAs have for the chubby form.

She had been dating a lovely highly sexed and adventurous man for several months. He was also a fan of bigger women but would never elaborate if she questioned him further. She figured that same as the others he did like her and find her sexy despite of her rolls of fat, not because of them.

Finding this site liberated her so much. She reflected that for many months he would go out of his way to always keep a lot of fattening snacks and foods at his house. He would prepare food for her lovingly and when she told him it was too much, he would say 'nonsense, have a bit more.' he would offer her large quantities of food soon after a large meal. Initially she thought he was simply a good host.

It dawned on her one day... 'he's deliberately trying to fatten me up!" she confronted him. His cheeky but embarrassed smile was the only answer she needed. She felt truly loved and adored for her size and who she was and became more and more confident. She would taunt him while they were out at restaurants within ear shot of patrons saying, "I can't believe you have been deliberately trying to fatten my up, because you want my body to swell, just for you?" he would blush and gaze adoringly into her eyes. It was a match made in heaven...

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Enchanted 1 4 years
Blurring the lines between the surreal and the envisioned is an enticing journey into the heretofore unknown. Sharing your thoughts is wondrous. Thank you
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Well written. I hope you continue this one some day.