She spoloded

Chapter 1

Well I said hi to da girl and when i did i saw that she was fattttt and i wanted her so i told her we should go out and she said yessss. i wore my best tuxedo and i hoppeddd she would like it bexus i wanted her sooooo bad

we went out to eat and she wote a shirt and jeans that wuz too small for her which made me feel goodz and i wanted her to have da whole menu and when da waiter came he said what would you like and i told him that shed hav e da whole menu literally and he looked confused so i said she wanted everything den she smiled and said she wanted to eat and i told her she would eat becuz i want her to eat everythng

she lookes at me and said i cant eat all that and i said yes you can. She ate the pizza the potatoes the gravy the corn the ravioli and she ketpt getting fatter and fatter and fatter and hotter and bigger and wider and fatter i told her i wantz her to bust out her clothes and she asked why in public and then she looks confused and then i said shed look great without them and she said really and i said yes and she said no way and i said yes

i got harder and harder watchin ehr eat more and more and da booth was tilting to the left because she was gettin so big an fat an around i loved it all.

well she ate and ate and got fatter n fatter until some guy came up to us and asked why were still here den i said "who dis old fart?" and he said he wuz dthe manager or sumting and i told him "we be eatin in peece monkey fellow" and my fatty said she was gettin to full and i told her to keep eatin as the old guy went away shoutin stuff at us.

her buttons popped one by one and the jeans she wore split so did her undies and she sat there naked and she said she couldnt eat no mo so i sez eat more and moe and she said no so i said yes and she said no and i said yes. i told her she was too thin and she said really and i said yes she needed to eat more

den she said fine and continued to eat and eat gettimng fatter and fatter. da booth collapsed undaneath us and i fell over and i loved it i told her she got fattttt and she ate on all fours da stuff on the ground and she ate and and ate and ate until i heard a rumble in da ground and she started to shake and den she sploded i was cobered in her and i wuz happy and i lov it all

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Reflection O... 13 years
Good point HellFire
Reflection O... 13 years
Oddity you're absolutely right. I just felt that paragraphs would make it easier to read in order to understand the parody better. lol my bad
Reflection O... 13 years
but..but maximum she sploded!!! smiley
Maximum 13 years
Fail, Your use of paragraphs was too well done, come back when you can do a real parody. smiley