Sophie’s secret weight gain

Chapter 1 - beginning


Height: 5"

Long blonde hair

Oval body shape

Current weight- 9st 5

Sophie is an outgoing character, great personality, great person, very popular, but as of the stress of up and coming exams, she has gone to means to comfort herself, which Zack had noticed. Zack and Sophie were both in the same Maths class as each other, they both sit next to each other.

The half term had just finished and Zack was anxious, especially about seeing Sophie. Sophie thought Zack was just quiet, but still found him cute anyways. After waiting for the arrival of his crush, Sophie finally arrived, she came came in looking no different, except with a fuller face and also an up right figure which was even extreme for Sophie, she walked to her chair in a rushed manor, slumped back into her chair, and then relaxed allow her new found stomach to grow, allowing a relived sigh, Zack noticed it immediately. Turning him on in the process. Sophie turned to Zack with a greeting grin on her face, almost catching Zack looking at her new semi plump gut. The lesson starts, every couple of moments glancing over at Sophie, showing her new strained button in both her jeans and also her top (in the Breast section, which was nothing new to Sophie) and when the practical part of the maths lesson began, they started to talk, " do much over the half term?" Zack asked trying not to seem too keen, "I went on holiday to Spain actually, loved it! Couldn't stop eating though, as can tell" saying with an underlying chuckle, with Zack replying " personally I couldn't" in an attempt to comfort Sophie. With Sophie response simply being the quick lifting of her shirt, just enough to see her thin black leather belt being under strain, and also an ever so slightly over flowing stomach, her stomach begins to growl, she reacts by hunching over slightly, and covering her stomach with her arms in an attempt to muffle the loud gurgles, (which did nothing) "I don't get it, I can't seem to control my hunger, I can't stop eating!" Exclaimed Sophie "you don't need to worry about that! Well on the topic, would you like to grab some food some time?" Zack replied, (with her eyebrows raised) "I would love to!" And with that they both written down their numbers to exchange and the bell rings
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Djfex 6 years
I had the same question hehe

Very enjoyable read, looking forward to the next parts smiley
Theswordsman 6 years
Who's Adam?
Theswordsman 6 years
Please continue