Stress-induced picnic

Chapter 1 - orientation week

The first time she saw him was during orientation week. He sat alone close enough to the school club tents to show intent, but not close enough to show followthrough, shoulders slowly and involuntarily shrinking as much of his frame as they could. His sable eyes tried to hold their gaze upward in the direction of the streams of students but kept losing conviction and falling back to his plate. Quinn couldn't take her eyes off his belly, and only could look away from it to watch his dark eyes roam over the (second) plate of food in front of him. His hands brought the forkfuls of barbecue staples to his mouth, but his eyes bore his embarrassed shame clearly; they were much more captivating. More hypnotizing though was the very thin line of skin that peeked from between his lap and shirt. His tummy wasn't big, barely reaching his lap, though it was clearly pudgy, and from the fit of his clothes, likely that was a recent development. She only ever seemed to find herself attracted to men whose bellies already hung heavily in front of them, massive and round, but the dark-eyed student sitting a few yards from her held her attention fully.
With the fit of his clothes implying the newfound girth, the resentful bliss that painted his face with every decadent bite far outranked any feedee or belly Quinn had ever seen. By the end of his second plate, his shirt rose slightly more than when he first arrived, not that he noticed. Instead, he sheepishly made his way over to the dessert table, eyeing people for any stares. Quinn tried not to watch so not to stop him from getting as much as he wanted, but it was difficult with her hands trying to find their way to her legs. He grabbed two pieces of pie, a small mountain of cookies, and a chocolate pudding cup; he almost reached for some sort of cheesecake bar, but retracted when he noticed another student glaring at his shirt. Quinn stayed in her seat for the rest of the show, drinking in every detail she could before opting out of the rest of her first day at university to go back to her dorm.
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