The freshman 150

Chapter 1 - deep belly diving

Eating was Peter's favorite thing to do these days, though with that came the cruel necessity to wash dishes. Living on campus meant that most of what he ate came from the cafeteria in his tower, but as he continued to fatten up, so too did his hunger grow. He grazed constantly on whatever his wallet would allow, even late into the night, or early in morning, and in doing so, frequently made use of the shared kitchen on his floor. Sighing, Peter quietly lamented his agreement to Quinn's deal of doing all the cooking and preparing if he did all the cleaning.
After only a few plates, Peter felt something very wet and uncomfortable just under the edge of his under-belly. Looking down, he saw his huge hanging tum sitting just at the top of the soapy water. He stepped back, watching his squishy bulge wobble lower as it moved from the counter. Gasping, Peter rushed back to his dorm room as quickly as he could waddle.
Quinn was sitting with her back against the wall at the front of his bed, scrolling through recipes online. "Hey, Sweety, that was fast-", looking up she saw his shocked expression. "What is it?" Peter looked at what he could see of his belly, (which wasn't much), and pointed at his deep overhang, "Look!" "It's... your belly? I know, Peter-", before she could finish, he lifted the edge of it, revealing a damp spot on his belly, shirt and space where he tum once rested on the front of his pants. Quinn's eyes nearly fell out of her head, "is that...?" A wide grin spread across the feedee's face, "yes! I felt it when I was washing the dishes from this morning!" His girlfriend stood up, eyes still fixed on the wet spots. "We have to weigh you. Now."
After his first 120 lbs, the weight came on much more slowly; he had the belly to eat more, and certainly the appetite, but those still depended on money. Neither of them worked while in school, and while Quinn had many scholarships from her years researching neuroscience with her local university, that still only went so far. As the weight slowed, Peter found it extremely disheartening, and they stopping weighing him daily; slowly, they moved from weighing him weekly to every two or three weeks, which did help Peter's mood; as they neared his first big milestone that Quinn was "responsible" for, they weighed him even less, it was too exciting and nerve-wracking for both of them to wait for the day to come when he reached his first 150 lbs. It had been almost a month since the last time Peter stepped on a scale; last time, it read 333 lbs.
Holding his breath, Peter turned the scale on, waiting for it to flash 00.0 lbs. Quinn stood next to him, wishing desperately she could hold onto his tummy for comfort. Nervously, he stepped on with his eyes closed and waited for Quinn to tell him the verdict; after what felt like ages, Peter opened one eye and looked at her, "well...? Is it...?" Quinn was standing with her mouth open, staring at the small digital screen. Looking down, Peter saw the number. 345.5 lbs.
He looked at Quinn, squealing. Hopping off the scale, Quinn grabbed his belly and shook it, kissing him deeply despite still wearing a smile. "I can't believe it!" "I know!" "My first 150 lbs!" They couldn't hide their excitement; at times, it felt as though the weight would never come, it was discouraging, and Peter even complained on occasion that it "soured" the taste of his favorite treats; no cake or pizza could fix his sad tastebuds. But now, with the magical 345, everything felt worth it, every piece of food his stuffed into his belly felt delicious.
"You have to show me your tummy in the sink! -No! Wait!" Quinn was bouncing with excitement, but lost herself momentarily in thought. "No... This is big, this is special... we have to see how far you've come... what 150 lbs really means."
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Built4com4t 2 years
Had to reread this one too…but needs one more chapter of him fully and completely gorged after a 48 hour non stop feeding until every cubic centimeter inside him was stuffed.
Built4com4t 5 years
You did it again...wonderfully arousing