Stuffing season - preview

Chapter 1 - the offer

Saturday, November 3

My stomach groaned. Every inch of my soft waistline pulled taut with the food crammed inside. I huffed and puffed, the weight of it pushing down on my organs and the strain of my stomach working to digest so much food had me wound up like none other.

I couldn't recall a time I had filled up so quickly before now. Dee was an excellent negotiator of my appetite and waistline real estate. When I thought I didn't have room for a breath, much less another bite--she found it. Somewhere. Every time.

After fastening restraints and setting up the tube in my mouth, she had barely touched me, aside from an occasional encouraging rub. I wanted nothing more than to clench my thighs and finish the job she'd started.

My growls were muffled and punctuated by periodic swallows--a semisweet concoction of pureed leftover Halloween candy, whole milk, and a healthy dose of peanut butter. I balled my fists and pulled against the cuffs secured to the headboard. I was full, I was horny, and Dee was teasing me relentlessly.

Crouched on the bed, she kneeled neatly between my thighs--spread wide by an equal set of ankle cuffs to the footboard--and stared directly at my vulva.

"I can see you throbbing from here," she giggled and batted her lashes. "It's really cute. So pink!" She grasped my thighs and gently squeezed. She leaned forward and planted a feather-light kiss on my stomach. Her shoulder-length hair fell forward and the ends brushed my skin.

It was like fireworks. I growled and purred, writhing under her touch. She knew she was driving me crazy and loved every second, that the restraints were in place more to prevent me touching myself and finishing the job than letting me run loose.

The wave from her touch almost set me off entirely. But not quite. She knew how close I was.

When it settled, a sheen of sweat glistened over me. My crotch still ached, leaking all over the bedspread. My wails reduced to mewls when Dee stood up to dig in the nightstand drawer. She fished out a bullet vibrator hiding under some paperwork and envelopes.

"Don't worry, it'll all be over soon. Just one more thing." Her lips curled and she flicked the vibrator on and off. I shivered. So. Close.

Her bright eyes darted up to the reservoir above me, then back down to my stomach. With two fingers and a smirk, she prodded my swollen gut. I winced.

"Oh, you definitely have some more room. Okay, then, just two things, and then you're done!" Dee reached up and adjusted a valve.

What had been small swallows before now lumped out in large mouthfuls. My cheeks pressed against the gag harness, swollen like a chipmunk. It was just as much as I could handle in a bite. Chocolate dribbled down my chin.

Dee wiped up the droplets with her finger and licked it clean, her eyes fixed on me. "Michaela-flavored. My favorite."

She fussed around with the pile of papers from the nightstand, and pulled out a manila envelope. "What do we have here?"

Something flagged in the back of my mind--this wasn't something she had added to the game before--but between concentrating on swallowing the last of the sludge, my ever-tightening stomach, and fighting for a climax, I wasn't too concerned.

Dee opened the envelope and shuffled through the papers. I watched her with half interest, one eye on the vibrator she held. Oh, for gods sake, I thought.

"Hmm," she mused. "This is...rather interesting. These pictures...look like you."

She fanned the documents, holding them in my field of vision. I caught glimpses of bank statements, letters, cashiers checks...and photos. Of myself.

"It looks as though someone created a rather convincing packet of evidence,," Dee furrowed her brow. "...what looks to be tax fraud and money laundering."

What? My mind did a 180, grinding to a halt as I processed what Dee said. I did all of my quarterly taxes with an accountant and didn't even know how to launder money; if I had to wash it hot or cold and with or without like colors.

Dee smiled and flipped her hair back. She finagled the documents back into the envelope, sealed it, and rested it against my side.

"It's all fake, of course, but convincing. It's just enough that a legal inquiry would find nothing amiss, but not in time to prevent serious damage to your professional reputation."

Another lump of peanut-buttery-milky-chocolately goo squeezed past my cheeks. My stomach gurgled as it accommodated just a little more. I closed my eyes and prayed to Venus to release me so I could concentrate.

"I can make it all go away, though."

Delicate hands slipped the vibrator inside me and flicked it on. The pulses reverberated through my core, creating a quake in my belly. Dee placed her other hand flat on my stomach, half-kneeled on the bed. Despite her petite frame, she squared her shoulders and stood tall.

The contents of my stomach, its tightness, and the vibrator were too much. Too much! I moaned and cried as the last of the chocolate slid down my throat. With her hand resting on me, the device below bouncing around inside, and the food cramming my face--I was packed solid, to the absolute brim.

And I had never felt so turned on in my life.

I wanted more.

A satisfying pop sounded when Dee removed the tube a moment later.

"Dee," I panted. "Please. I'm going to explode."

She smirked. "Interesting choice of words. But, soon. I need an answer from you first."

I shook my head and worked my jaw, stretching it from its excessive use. Clearing some of the fog from my mind--in vain. "An answer about what?"

She slid the envelope up onto my stomach with one hand, and tapped the vibrator remote with the other. Its intensity increased, sending vibrations from my sternum to my ulna. My head lolled back and my toes curled.

"Will you pay the price?" Her words were distant, disembodied. Faded and in the distance. I struggled to comprehend them.

"What...price?" My own response came out as a huffed whisper.

"Your reputation remains protected so long as you follow my..." her ring finger traced from my sternum to my belly button. "...guidance for a defined period of time. From now through Valentine's Day. Cuffing season."

I heaved. "You want me to be your girlfriend for the next three months?"

One end of her mouth curled as she stared at my stomach--swollen, a little thick, but moderately flat-ish, at least; when not packed with food. "Not girlfriend. Just feedee. Full-time. My way."

Waves of lust crashed over me, washing away each scrap of logic and timing I could piece together. It was...November? Valentine's was in...three and a half months? I glanced at my modest stomach, swollen mostly from the current feeding, something I cared for and watched closely.

Just beyond its low but tight curve, her forehead peeked over. Dee's eyes sparkled. She planted one more kiss on me, this time much lower. "Say it."

I couldn't wait any longer. My legs trembled as she worked between her mouth and the vibrator, teases and flutters between gasps of mine.

"Yes! Yes, okay! YES!"

Dee set to work.
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Jazzman 3 years
Damn good writing,plot and characters
GrowingLoveH... 4 years

I love your writing style. I envy your economy of words.

I want to read more of your stories.
Zurea 5 years
Love the start, can't wait to see Dee work~