Susan�s revenge

Chapter 1 - meeting simon

I first saw him in a pub one night. He looked in my direction and I felt my heart flutter. He seemed tall to my five foot two frame. Even with heels on he would tower above me. He had light brown wavy hair that flowed over his shoulders. His eyes were large, an almond shape with long lashes and piercing blue pupils. His jaw was strong, but not square, his lips were full.
His legs were long and athletic looking with a tight rounded bum inside a slim fitting, but not tight pair of jeans. He was a rocker, so he had the obligatory studded leather belt around his hips, a tour tee shirt and a fringed black leather biker jacket. He was slim with no sign of a paunch, but he did not look like he was one who was familiar with the inner workings of a gym either.
He had a pint of lager in his hand and sipped at it regularly. He appeared to be alone, soak8ng up the atmosphere and the music, but every time I looked in his direction, he was looking at me.
I didn't think I was very remarkable at all. I was out with my friend. On a Friday or Saturday, we would often come out to one of the rock pubs in town before heading to the rock night club. The night club was cheaper to get in if you arrived before nine, but the beer was watered down, so most people drank in the pub for a few hours then made their way to the club, aiming to get in just before nine o'clock.
We didn't go out to get drunk. We didn't get to the pub until eight. We had time for a couple of swift halves before making our way to the club. We were there to see who else was out that we knew. We were there to watch the video juke box and soak up the atmosphere.
Once we were at the club, we planned to meet more of our friends, who were going to go direct from a nine o'clock finish at work.

The club was an old underground ballroom. It's faded grandeur reminiscent of another era with it's large cloakroom, balcony and numerous bars.
Rock night was a popular event every week. Standing room only if you did not get there soon enough to grab a seat and a table.
The atmosphere of the place was much more relaxed than other clubs. There was no dress code. If you liked the music, you could dance. You could dance alone and not feel embarrassed. It was a friendly place. Down to earth and gritty, like the music it played. It was frequented by mostly rockers, punks and hippies. Disco divas and New Romantics were not welcome. This was a heavy metal Mecca.

My friend and I arrived just after nine. The place was just starting to get busy, but we found some other friends who had a table who welcomed us and offered us a seat.
We took it in turns to go to the bar to buy the watered down beer, but mostly, we sat, danced and chatted. We were far enough away from the speakers to hear without shouting too loudly in each others' ears.
Once every so often, we'd take our drinks and have a walk around the club to see who else we could see there. We would walk up the stairs, stroll around the balcony, going behind the stage, then back down the stairs to return to our seats. From the balcony, we had an excellent view of the dance floor and we'd meet other groups of friends who were stretching their legs too.
On that particular night, everywhere I looked I saw him. He was still alone, with a pint in his hand, watching, giving me half a smile, flirting without it being obvious. I saw him when I was on the dance floor watching from the balcony. I saw him standing by a pillar when we were on the balcony. I saw him by the bar when we walked passed.
He was still there at the end of the night. They were playing 'we wish you well' by Whitesnake. Everyone was saying goodnight. He was still on his own, looking in my direction. He beckoned to me. Mesmerised, I walked over to him. Without a word, he slipped an arm around my waist and kissed me. I will never forget it! I felt priveledged that a guy as handsome as him had asked me to come over!
Unfortunately, our time together was much too short. We exchanged telephone numbers and said goodbye, even though we'd hardly spoken and had been together for less than five minutes.
As I left, I was already in love.
I could not sleep that night for thinking about him. It was a long, long Saturday at work before I could finally speak to him.
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GrowingLoveH... 6 years
And just when I thought this story couldn't possibly get any better, it does! Wow! Nicely done.
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Deliciously and devilishly delightful! What an exquisite and well-told tale!
Aquarius64 6 years
Up to chapter 9 is actually true and autobiographical, although names have been changed, the characters are real!
If you want to skip the preamble, go directly to chapter 10
Hurgon 6 years
Great stuff as usual!
Built4com4t 6 years
it's a pleasure to read your work...great intro chapter