Takeover bid

Chapter 1 - adam’s mission.

Adam was pleased with how his 'makeover' had gone. He looked just like the businessman he was going to be.
He was going to live in a typical semi detatched three bedroom house. He was going to drive a typical four door small family car. He was going to leave the house at eight of the clock every day to drive to a typical looking office building, which he would leave at five of the clock to drive back to his house.
He had been practicing hard, getting his accent right. Even the tiniest flaw at this stage could ruin everything.
He was just a very ordinary human of the male variety, looking for a very ordinary human of the female variety.
He had studied hard to pass the interview stage. He only hoped that the office skills he had learned were suitable for his new job.

He was very nervous on his first day, but he was careful to keep every reaction under control as entered the ordinary office building for the first time.
He was told he had to take the lift to the third floor after the interview. Adam was not sure what to do. He had an excuse ready. He was 'from the country'. He had not seen a 'lift' before.
He hung round watching people in the foyer for a few minutes before he confidently strode over to the elevators. It was busy. Someone else pressed 'up'. He didn't even have to ask for the third floor because someone else did it for him.
He found it very claustrophobic being in a metal box with so many people. He was not used to being so close, but luckily it was only for seconds when the doors opened and he stepped out.
He gave a practiced smile to the female person at the first desk and introduced himself.
The female person smiled back. She said her name was 'Pam' and she welcomed him to the company. She asked him to follow her across the room and she introduced him to some other people. She said a woman called 'Sarah' was going to look after him today.
Sarah was a small petite young woman with brown shoulder length hair, pale skin and brown eyes. She had very pink lips from what could be 'lipstick'. She stood up and shook Adam's hand. Her skin felt soft and warm. She was a good ten inches smaller than Adam, but he followed her when she showed him where his desk was. She was wearing a slim fitting pencil skirt down to just above her knees in a pink checked fabric. She had a short boxy jacket to match and a vibrant pink blouse with an open collar. She had two inch grey stilettos on her feet, which, together with the skirt forced her to take small fast, but dainty steps and gave her walk a pert little wiggle.
Adam could not understand why she should wish to dress in such a manner, but he did like to watch her from behind.
He also liked the flowery smell that surrounded her.
She showed him some of the basic procedures and allowed him to get on with it himself. He called her over once because he had a genuine question about the work, then he called her over another twice for made up reasons just so that he could watch her wiggle and smell her perfume.
Sarah would make ideal girlfreind material, he surmised. She was the right age for him, the right build that he was looking for, but was there someone else in the picture as well?

Everyone stopped at midday for an hour's lunch. Adam wished he had thought ahead about having a meal in the middle of the day. He was unprepared.
Sarah told him he did not need to worry. He could go out for lunch if he wanted. There were plenty of cafes and sandwich shops nearby. Those who lived close by even went home for lunch! Or there was always the staff canteen. She had brought a packed lunch, she told him. It was very tempting just to sit at the desk and eat, but management insisted on everyone stopping at midday to have a full hour break away from their desks. She was going to the canteen, but she would eat her own food.
Adam wanted to appear like the majority. He followed her to the canteen and stood in a long queue to be served while she sat down with her green leafy salad with some other colleagues. He bought lasagne and chips. He did not consider it to be a healthy combination. Too much carbohydrate and not enough vegetables he thought, but the other options served were not much better.
He sat down at Sarah's table. He did not know anyone else well enough and he did not want to impose or draw attention to himself.
He sat listening to the conversation as he ate in an unhurried manner. The women around the table were all around the same age. One out of the six who were sitting at the table was in a serious relationship. It was not Sarah, thank goodness! Two out of the six were completely single, which did not include Sarah either. That left three out of six with boyfriends. Damn!
They were all careful about their figures and how they looked. It was important, not only for their own self esteem but to attract a mate, to show the right corporate image to the public.
Sarah was going to go to the gym after work with a friend from another floor. Then she was going to meet her boyfriend for a meal. She would have to shower and get ready for her night out at the gym. She hoped her dress was not too cramped sitting in her gym bag all day.
Another girl said she cycled fifteen miles in to work and fifteen miles home. She had to get to work at least three quarter of an hour early. She had an arrangement with a nearby hotel so that she could have a shower there every morning, otherwise she said she would look and feel like a greasy chip all day... and smell like one too!
They laughed. I could not understand what she meant. I laughed too, but just to join in, then pushed the rest of the chips on my plate aside.
I got the idea though. This small group of female humans were very body conscious. I took a look around the room. Maybe I was focusing on the wrong target. But then again, I knew nothing at all about them. They could be married, they could have children, they could be near retirement. Everyone in those categories were not for me. At least Sarah was a possibility and I knew a little bit about her.

The next day Sarah was not in such a good mood. Her boyfriend had 'stood her up' whatever that meant. I heard her say she had waited for him at the restaurant for over an hour. He was not replying to his phone.
It took me all morning to realise that he had not turned up for the meal. She had to return home on her own. He had rang as she was preparing to go to bed. Football practice had gone on longer than he expected. He had missed his bus. He apologised, they made up.
By Thursday they had broken up! Yes! Now I could try my charm on her! ...but I had to play it cool. I could not move in immediately, or she would suspect something out of the ordinary was happening. No, I was just going to be another boyfriend. Nothing unusual in that.
I had looked at other female humans around the office, but Sarah appealed to me the most. I think she was surprised when I asked her out to dinner on Friday, but she accepted graciously with a smile.
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Just posted ch 4 otherland 78, with new story title and explanation.
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1st 2 chapters.Wonderful start...great writing as usual.