The big gain

chapter 1

Tina was starving. She really didn't want to cheat on her diet, but she was so hungry it was crazy. She thought that her girlfriend Mia wouldn't know. She drove to the nearest mcdonalds and ordered the fattiest meal. She stuffed it down her throat and moaned with pleasure. She was stil hungry so she ordered 3 more. She gobbled down the first 2 and half of the third on then started to slow down. She forced herself to eat the last few bites of burger. When she was done she felt like she would pop. When she looked down, she noticed that her clothes had ripped off and her stomach looked like a bowling ball was imside it.she waddled to her car and drove home.
When she got home, Mia was waiting for her. She said, "wanna get my cock in that pussy?" Mia was a trans girl who still had an amazing penisnfor me to fuck. "Ya know, I'm feeling hungry." To na says slyly. Mia shoves her cock in Tina's mouth while Tina sucks unit the sweet cum erupts into her mouth. She swallows and feels her stomach tighten, and moans with pleasure.
Mia notices Tina's belly and asks, "do you wanna quit that diet?" Tina nods in response, and mia hoes to the kitchen to prepare something. She comes back with ropes and a strange device. She ties Tina to Thebes and sticks the nozzle of the device down Tina's throat and the other up Tina's butt. She inserts her cock into Tina's pussy and thrusts while letting liquified lard follow into Tina, blimp ing her up like a balloon.
When they stop Tina is so big she immediately falls into a food coma, and mia falls asleep next to her.
When Tina wakes up she noticesthat mia is gone and there's a note. It says that Mia had left to get groceries for Tina. It also said for Tina to check her weight on the scale. She tried to stand up but her stomach felt really heavy and she fell onto her back. ShE realized she couldn't get up so she laid there. She looked at her belly and noticed it was huge as fuck. She grabbed it, and felt hirny so she pleasure herself.she didn't notice when Mia came in. Mia lifted her up and put her on the scale. When they saw it they were amazed at the number.

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