The birthday party

chapter 1

It was Lillian's 17th birthday party, and her parents were determined to make it the best one yet. Ever the doting and caring couple, they wanted to go particularly all-out this year. No stone would be unturned, no expense would be spared, and certainly no delicacy would go unordered--for that was simply the kind of parents that they were.

"Dear, where shall we hang the streamers?" Maureen tutted, strutting about from tree to tree as Leo lounged on a pool chair.

"Oh, I don't know," Leo admired her as she walked back and forth, the red banners she clutched fluttering down to drag on the ground. "Maybe you shouldn't bother with them at all?" He munched lazily on a cheese Danish as he spoke to his wife, confident she would make the right decision. And if she didn't, well, that was ok.

"The streamers aren't really going to be the main event, anyway." He gestured towards the pool. "They're all going to be having quite a time in there." He shrugged. "And if they don't, they can always go hang around the buffet."

Maureen rolled her eyes. "You and your buffet."

Leo frowned. "Lillian loves the buffet! And her friends will love it too. It's not a party without food, Maureen."

She turned to look slyly at him. "Oh, we all know your opinion on the subject. Now get up from that chair and help me hang up this streamer."

"Why couldn't you have gotten Margaret to come out today?" Leo whined as he stuffed the rest of the pastry into his mouth. God, it was delicious.

"Leo! You know she's out of town this weekend. Or trust me, I definitely would have, and payed her double."

It was Leo's turn to roll his eyes. He didn't want to leave his poolside perch any more than he had wanted to hurry with his Danish, but it was Lillian's birthday, and Maureen had to be sated. He brushed crumbs from his shirt and grunted as he pushed himself up from his recline, wrinkling his nose at the sight of his round belly poking towards the sky. It was only nine in the morning, yet sweat had already begun to dampen his armpits, which he hated--the office was where he belonged. Not outside. Especially during summertime.

He lowered his arms and heaved himself forward, his stomach heaving with him and rippling as it came to rest in between his considerable thighs.

"Starting to regret that fourth Danish?" Maureen teased, a twinkle in her eye. She came forward to stand before her husband, regarding him from above. "Really, Leo. It's only nine!" She reached her hand down to him, the two of them more than accustomed to this routine. He entwined both his hands into hers and glared up at her.

"You know I love you Maureen, but really--on Lillian's birthday party? A man needs to eat. To keep up his strength." Maureen, wisely, said nothing. She simply set a foot back to brace herself and pulled with all her might, heaving her hefty husband to his feet. It was harder than usual. As she looked down into his face, she noticed his cheeks were a bit puffier. His eyes seemed almost sunken in pudge, his mouth looked angry and inflamed--but that could just be because of the considerable effort he was exuding.

"Oof! Huuffff--" Leo exhaled sharply as he strained, finally struggling to his feet. "There we go!" He looked at her triumphantly, panting. "Now, where is that streamer going?"

She blinked, regarding him, before catching herself and breaking out into a smile. "Over there by the pool, my love."
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Zachi 5 years
that was good, can't wait for your next story!
AshBear 5 years
Fantastic! Can't wait to see where this goes!
Hurgon 5 years
Amazing! I love the interaction between Leo and Maureen!
Littleextra 5 years
Bravo, l enjoyed this, (Leo's quite the glutton!) it's beautifully well written too! Thanks for sharing! smiley