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chapter 1

For me, the best time to get hungry is right before bed. It's such a perfect feeling to realise that everyone in the house is asleep and you have the whole night long to sit in front of your laptop with one hand in your pants and the other stuffing your face. It's also the ideal time to tell yourself you can go to the gym tomorrow.
That's how I feel right now in fact. I often get nights like these. I thought that perhaps I could share my piggy adventures with the site that started it all for me - fantasy feeder. You guys introduced me to this incredible possibility: combining two of my favourite things, sex and food. Why not give something back?
So, about me. I'm 19 and a student at college. I'm only just starting out with this whole feedee thing. I've wanted to for a long time but I've always been too scared. I didn't, and still don't, know if I could handle the reality of being fat. But recently I thought fuck it. I want this. I truly do.
I'm about 120 lbs, 15 lbs into my gain. Most of the fat has gone to my thighs and butt. I've always been self conscious of my flat butt and I'm glad to see it get chubbier. I'm definitely getting some cellulite now but I don't mind. My thighs and belly are super chubby now too, I think they're kinda cute.
On to the most important part - I'm an absolute glutton for humiliation. I am enjoying my gain far more than I should be. I need someone to make me feel disgusting and gross. I wanna be called a pig, a whale, a cow. I want to be forced to triple the rate of my gain... Ah, a girl can dream. Dream of a Sir or Mistress who understands how to perfectly balance the treatment of a feedee in between a princess and a stuffed whore. I'm sure this blog will be full of my fantasies of humiliation, degradation and embarrassment.

I'm still eating as I write this. I love the feeling of gradually getting fuller, my stomach getting more taut, my hands getting more frantic, having to constantly stop writing to moan from the enjoyment. God, I love being an overstuffed cow.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my online blog. I'll try and update and as often as possible.

- Alyssa the Pig
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Belly12396 7 years
I rly love your blog
Nok 7 years
"perfectly balance the treatment of a feedee in between a princess and a stuffed whore" - awesome
Nok 7 years
Oh, you naughty fat pig girl!
Beautiful sexy writing.
I'm sure your thighs and tummy are super cute, and don't stress about cellulite - if its on you, I'm sure it's beautiful too.
Thanks for sharing.
Pr1zeP1g 7 years
@QuebecFA I'm so glad you enjoyed! I can't wait to update you on my gains smiley
QuebecFA 7 years
Thanks for sharing your story! I hope you'll update us as you grow fatter and fatter and become the obese sow you know you were meant to be! ;-)