Triple date

chapter 1

Alyssa looked in the mirror and sighed. She looked so pathetically fat. Her slightly greasy, ginger locks hung down limply on her chubby cheeks. Her bulging stomach had been forced under an old sweater which was now stretching from the strain. Her sagging ass was being just about contained by some faded mens jeans.
Tia and Kay, Alyssa's two beautiful friends stared at her reflection too.
"I look awful" mumbled Alyssa, sadly.
The other girls held back smirks before Tia replied,
"Don't be silly, he's gonna love it!"

Tia and Kay had been kind enough to get their boyfriends to find their chubby, ugly friend a blind date. The boy in question was a gorgeous, tall young guy named Callum. When he saw Alyssa, his date for the night his cheeky smile disappeared. Tia and Kay burst into fits of giggles as they watched from the other side of the table with their boyfriends, Fred and Josh.
Callum slowly lowered himself into the seat opposite Alyssa. She beamed up at him and he could almost smell the desperation radiating off of her. The waiter took orders and Callum asked for a quarter chicken and fries. Alyssa blushed and ordered the same. As she was finishing her order, her stomach let out a loud rumble.
"Haha, I think little Piggy wants more than that, doesn't she?" Mocked Kay.
"Go on, tell the waiter what you really want" chastised Josh. "We don't have time for you to pretend you have a regular appetite"
Alyssa didn't want to make a fool out of herself.. But she was so hungry.. She swallowed her pride and opened her mouth:
"A whole chicken please.. Large fries. And some ribs. Plus more bread and butter, chicken wings and two slices of fudge cake, another three of the red velvet and two banana splits. And a Pepsi please"
The waiter looked at her, stunned and Callum murmured
"Fucking pig" under his breath.
Her 'friends' laughed and Fred added,
"Make sure that Pepsi is diet!"
Callum laughed at that.
"See, Callum, Alyssa's got some great qualities! She'll Hoover away all your leftovers like a little trash can. And all that belly must make a great footrest"
"Plus I'm pretty sure she can fart on command"
Callum sneered at you,
"I seriously can't believe people like this exist. How must it feel to have this little dignity?"
The waiter wandered over with all of your mains and Kay smirked,
"You've seen nothing yet"
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