The curving of chloe

chapter 1

It was Jason's 18th birthday, the day he finally became an adult. And in the place where h lived, the age he would meet and choose his wife. He was tall with a slim and athletic build. Years of training and work had made him strong and tan. He was different from other members of the upper class in his society. Many of them preferred to lounge and be waited on, dealing only with business and politics. Jason however loved being outside, he loved being physical and he loved the hard work that went along with it. Since he reached the age of sexual awareness, like the other members of high society, Jason loved large women. It had been a long time since body standards promoted the thin and stick like woman. Somewhere along the line, fat became attractive and sexy. To please the men, many of the women began gaining weight. It was a gradual change at first. Woman became chubby first, sporting thicker thighs and small pudgy bellies resting on wide hips and larger asses. But the ideal weight continued to climb. Sexy became fatter and fatter. In the higher levels of society, people began hiring staff to cook and feed the women to help speed up weight gain. As this practice spread, the average weight for women in high society ballooned. And as the rich got richer and fatter, all families wanted nothing more but to produce daughters that could be taken up into a better life. Girls were sent away to schools where they learned lessons valuable for satisfying a man. They were taught to cook, clean, and most of all, to admire fat. In order to create the most beautiful girls, the academies gave each girl hormone and figure ehancers. This led to larger breasts, hips, and ass. Almost all he girls in the academies possessed beautiful pear and hour glass shaped bodies. The one thing the academies would not do was feed and fatten the girls. That would not happen until their 18th birthday when they were assigned a husband. The isolation from feeding and fat drive the girls wild. They wanted nothing more than to gorge themselves and gain, but they were held back. This was to make them more ferocious and focused once they were granted freedom to gain. The girls were also given metabolism slowers, hunger pills to block fullness, and had their stomachs routinely stretched. Once they turned 18, they were sent to b with their husband. As was customary in upper society, each household was equipped with a full staff of chefs, feeders, and gaining facilities. It just so happened that Jason's family had some of the most advanced facilities and highest trained staff. On his 18th birthday, Jason patiently awaited the arrival of his wife. "I sure hope she's beautiful" he thought, "and I sure hope she's ready to gain". The girl to be given to Jason was named Chloe. Chloe was by far the most beautiful girl in the academy and possess d a he greatest potential for gaining. She had a soft round face, sporting a slight double chin, framed by light brown hair. She had large breasts which sat atop a slight belly that just barely pressed into the waistband of her pants. Her hips were wide, and supported a set of large soft thighs. But the most defining feature of this beauty was her perky, round ass. Chloe awoke that morning with anticipation and nerves, knowing today was the day she would meet Jason and begin her journey. Before she had been up for more than a minute, the head of the academy walked in. She was a very large woman in her mid thirties. Her name was Alexa, and she was considered to be one of the most beautiful women known. She wore casual clothes, a set of leggings and a crop top, standard dress for workers and students of the academy. The leggings were a XXXXLarge, and struggled to contain all of the woman's weight. Her thighs were massive and smooth, seeing as the academy had also found a way to rid the women of cellulite. With each step, her thighs rubbed against each other, sending massive waves of jiggling up the other. The leggings looked about to rip and were already quite see through, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her hips were massive and the held up her huge ass. Alexa knew she had no chance of fitting through the door, and instead chose to wait outside. "Chloe, today is the big day. Time to get up and dressed in uniform". With that, Alexa walked away. Chloe watched her headmaster in awe. Alexa's ass was truly monstrous. It must have stuck out at least two feet back and be four feet wide. Yet somehow it still maintained its perkiness and its softness. Her ass bounced rhythmically, each step threatening to tear the straining fabric of her leggings. Above that, hr back fat rippled and waved as she waddled away. Chloe couldn't wait to one day grow to be Alexa's size and more. Little did she know that with the care she would soon receive, it would be a much shorter wait than she expected.

Jason stood out on the porch in front of his estate as the van from the academy pulled in the drive. Realizing this would be the first time he would meet his woman, his heart raced. He saw alexa climb out of the van, everyone knew who she was, and saw her go around to the back. The van door slid open and out came Chloe. She was wearing black leggings which were purposefully one size too small. The sheer leggings showed off every bit of skin and every curve the young girl had. Although she was not yet fat, she had a thick body with womanly curves. She had a wide, perky ass which bounced hypnotizingly in the too tight leggings. The crop top she wore was low cut, revealing her large breasts, which pulled the shirt up enough to see her flat but soft stomach. Alexa grabbed Chloe and they slowly made their way up the stairs. "Jason, this is Chloe. She has been selected as your wife. The academy will monitor her progress and continue to provide the supplements for her gain. She's one of our most promising, you're a very lucky young man". With that, Alexa spun around and began down the stairs. Jason and Chloe both stared at the woman's soft body as it jiggled and shook as she went down the stairs. Upon reaching the car, Alexa heaved herself in. Her belly brushed against the door and it was obvious that soon she wouldn't fit in the car anymore. Once in, the two were able to watch as Alexa reached her hand into her leggings and untucked her massive belly. It rolled forward, free from its confinement, and settled half on her lap and half pressed against the cars dashboard. She slammed the door, and away they drove.
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Very nice but see if you can break this text up with a few paragraphs to make it easier to read