College life is fattening

Chapter 1 - the start of school

Today was the big day. Chloe was finally moving into her dorm room and starting her first year of college! She was nervous, excited, scared, and hungry. All that moving and decorating had made her ravenous. "Hey do you wanna go check out the dining hall?" Chloe asked her new roommate Annie. "Sure, I'm starving!" replied Annie. And off the two young women went.

Chloe had grown up in California, Los Angeles to be exact. Her family was very wealthy and Chloe had things pretty easy growing up. She was never short on clothes and certainly never short on food. The cabinets in her family's mansion in LA were always stocked with snacks and treats. It was for this reason that Chloe had always been slightly thicker than most girls growing up. However, that thickness had never pushed any of the boys away. At 5'3, Chloe was the perfect height for most boys. Her long blonde hair framed a beautifully round face with a slight double chin. She was blessed with perfect sized boobs, a double C, which fit well on her short frame. She had a small belly all her life that had increased slightly over the past summer. Her lower half was what really had the boys drooling. She had beautiful wide hips, kept soft by the small amounts fat that settled on her lower body. Her thighs were larger than most girls, thick soft legs that rubbed together when she walked. And that ASS!!! Chloe had a wide, bubble butt that was obviously composed mostly of fat. The type of ass that jiggles and wobbles at every movement, the type of ass that boys would stare at as she walked by. She was not your typical hot girl, but that had never mattered to her.

Today was a hot day, and Chloe and Annie were sweating as they walked to the dining hall. To help fight the heat, Chloe was wearing as little clothing as possible. She was in a pair of spandex shorts and a crop top. The spandex shorts put her gorgeous lower half on display, showcasing her plump thighs and jiggling ass, and the crop top left the majority of her soft middle hanging out. The warm breeze felt amazing on the soft tan flesh of her belly. "Gosh it's so fucking hot" Chloe laughed, "I don't know why I came to a school with such bad heat" she said as she reached a hand to her spandex shorts in an attempt to fish out the growing wedgie between her large ass. "Just wait until the winter, it may be hot now but it'll be freezing in a few months" Annie said, "We'll be stuck inside the whole time". Annie was slightly taller than Chloe, with amore traditional hot girl physique. Toned abs, smaller breasts, and a tight but large ass that she had earned from years on the soccer field.

Finally the two girls approached the dining hall. What lay before them , both scared and excited Chloe. She loved food and loved to eat, so the sheer size of the all you can eat buffet had her stomach rumbling. However, Chloe knew herself well enough to know that with this amount of food this easy to access, keeping more pounds from creeping onto her already soft body was going to be a challenge. "Oh my god, look at all this food!!" exclaimed Annie. She immediately grabbed a plate and took off towards the grill. "I'm getting a burger, I heard they make kick ass burgers here" Annie called as she walked away. Chloe was still standing by the entrance in shock. "It's the first day, treating myself isn't bad, I deserve this." she thought to herself. Chloe grabbed a plate and made a beeline for the grill, her jiggling ass cheeks beginning to show as her spandex shorts crept up her thick thighs.
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oh yes more good
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I really liked the way this story was following, continue with it !!!
AndiFive 5 years
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great start, please continue