The fall of josh

Chapter 1 - josh�s rise

Josh had been very priveledged growing up. His early life was spent on a huge country estate with every amenity. There was always lots of space to run around in with his twin brother, James.
Unfortunately, it was always Josh who got into trouble for something or other, while James never did anything wrong.
Their father was a singer and would be away from home for long periods. Their mother could not bear to be apart from him for more than a few hours, so she accompanied him. Obviously the twins could not look after themselves, so, after much debate, they were sent away to a private boarding school.
James fitted in immediately, made his own freinds and got on with his work.
Josh meanwhile, didn't.
They were not identical twins, but they did look like siblings, they were completely different in almost everything.
James was the one with the dark hair, brown eyes. He was always immaculate and it was no apparent hardship to be like that for him. He was studious, concentrated in lessons, always handed his homework in on time and always got excellent marks.
Josh, on the other hand had hair that would bleach blond with the sun in the summer. He had cool blue eyes, but, no matter how he tried, he could never get his hair to lie flat, he would be the one getting told off by the teacher for having his shirt tail hanging out. He could never get his collar and tie right. He'd often have one collar sticking up or outside his blazer and the other collar was inside.
The housemen made sure they wore freshly laundered and ironed clothes, but somehow, Josh's clothes always looked crumpled.
His schoolwork was not much better. He was often late, despite only having to walk across the quad and not have a school run and traffic to negotiate. His brother was always trying to hurry him along, but it did not help.
During lessons, Josh found chatting up the girls was more interesting than his schoolwork and he was always getting into trouble for not handing in homework on time, or handing it in on time but half finished.
Even with help from James, his marks were mediocre to say the least.
He was twelve when he came up with the idea of a dorm tuck shop. He would take orders during the day, then, whenever the coast was clear, he would sneak out to the local town and buy everything that had been requested, then bring it back, selling the items for a penny or more than he paid for it. After all he'd gone to a lot of inconvenience to get it for them.
Of course, he was found out! Of course he got into trouble for it, but it made no difference. The tuck shop would reopen again a few days later.
At first, he dealt only in crisps, chocolate bars and sweets. But as he grew older, his 'business' expanded. He had his 'suppliers' who would meet him at the other side of the fence. He traded in cigarettes, takeaways and alcohol. Of course, as his wares were intended for people of a certain age, he had to be more careful.
He was found to be drunk at an impromptu dorm party one weekend, along with half a dozen others. They knew he was probably the supplier, but they could prove nothing. He received the same punishment as the other boys.

By the time he was sixteen, on weekend evenings, he would smuggle a few boys out to a van waiting outside, where his accomplice would be waiting. He would drive them off to a prearranged party. At the party, some would get drunk, others would take E's or whatever other drugs were available and dance all night.
Josh did have a good time at the parties himself, but he couldn't get too wasted because he had to make sure everyone got back safely and on time.
The parties became very popular. Josh tried to keep the numbers down though because too many missing people from the dorm would raise suspicion, therefore, to keep up with the demand he had to increase the frequency of the parties.
Then, the inevitable happened! A police raid. He was arrested with everyone else at the party.

The police were astonished to learn that there were half a dozen party goers who were underage who had come from the local public school!
Of course the school were informed! Dorm staff had to come to the police station to pick them up. However, they wanted to hold on to Josh while they made further investigations. They'd heard Josh's name before in relation to other enquiries they had made.
They wanted to charge him with 'supply of alcohol and controlled drugs to minors' or something similar, but he was only sixteen and their proof was only heresay. They had to let him go.

Of course, this led to him being sent to see the head on Monday. The others, who had been arrested had been given short suspensions. Josh was hoping for something similar.
He was the last to be seen. The head was not happy with him at all! Josh's previous misdemeanours were brought up and taken into consideration. He was bringing down the reputation of an excellent school! He has been given plenty of warnings before. He had heeded none of them. He thought he had no choice, but expulsion.

Josh was devastated! He was sent home, hardly given any time to say 'goodbye' to his brother. The school contacted his parents. His dad left a production on Broadway so that they could both come home. His father was furious!
On top of all that, the timing was abysmal! They didn't have time to ring round other schools asking if they would take him. They brought in a home tutor, who arranged for him to sit his exams in the next few weeks. How could he have jeopardised his exams? How could he have wasted all the money they had spent on his education. If he didn't pass these exams, with good grades, he would not go on to do 'A' levels. Without 'A' levels he would not go to university and if he didn't go to university, he would not get a good job!
Josh could not believe he had been such an idiot! However, even with a home tutor, he failed his exams. He had no option but to resit, six months later.
James' company over the holidays was little comfort, especially when he had passed all his exams with nigh on perfect grades.
Josh sunk into a depression, giving himself comfort with food. He had been trim up to this point, despite never taking any formal exersise outside of school PE. Even helping himself to numerous tuck shop treats had not had an impact on his figure. Now he was starting to put on a few pounds.
September came. James went back to school to the sixth form. Josh stayed at home. His father's efforts to get him into another fee paying school had failed. No one would take him on with his past record. Josh felt he was doomed to failure. He continued to have a home tutor, but he could not concentrate. What was the point in even trying when he was going to fail anyway?
His family and his tutor all tried to motivate him, but he knew he was a lost cause.
Then his father took a different tack. With his showbiz contacts, he asked a scout from a modelling agency to visit.
The scout could see potential in him, but he was not yet ready to be put on the books. He was still young and needed to mature, if he was going to get the best jobs. He needed to slim down and firm up. They could teach him how to walk, how to sit for the camera and other things, but in the mean time, acting lessons might help.
Josh was interested in something at last. His father took him into the gym, showed him what he needed to work on to sculpt his muscles. His father had always been supremely fit, he knew how to get his son in shape and he also knew the exersise would do his son good and may lift him out of his depression.
He took him into a dance studio, taught him some ballet to encourage him to stretch and teach him how to be elegant, yet strong.
He taught him good nutrition. What foods were good for him and what he needed to avoid.
Josh paid attention to him. His father knew what he was talking about. Looking good was all part of his industry, Josh listened.
Six months later, Josh was again disappointed with his exam results. His grades had improved, but they were very average. However, he had completely transformed his looks. The modelling agency were happy to take him on. He had slimmed down and toned up. He still did not have the muscle definition that they liked, but he was still young. That would come as he matured. He still had some growing to do. Nevertheless, he started to get some work coming his way, mostly photographic work, a few commercials.
At last he had found something that he could actually do, and be good at, without getting himself into trouble! ...and he was getting paid for his efforts!
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GummieTummy 5 years
I am loving this! So, so good! I hope it continues indefinitely!
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FrecherTyp 5 years
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Woah! What’s happening! Chapter five - a most exciting chapter- almost finished and then suddenly it goes back to the title page. Oh, no! So I have to rewrite the last hour’s work... disappointing, but I have at least part of it saved all I need to do is