The fat contract

chapter 1

,,I've gained again, it's like I hadn't dieted at all! 242 lbs, over 20 pounds fatter than I have ever been, it's disgusting!", Anna said angrily. Brad lay in their bed and looked at Anna. When they first met 3 years ago, she weighed 218 pounds always least she tried. Her love for food was too strong. Anna had a booty and thunder thighs even at her slimmest when she was around 190 lbs. Bt now her butt and thighs jiggled when walking. He enjoyed it every time when she walked on the treadmill, seeing her ass sway around made him steelhard.
,,That 65 inch ass on that 5''7' frame, goddesslike.", Brad thought.Anna laid herself on the bed, looking in his eyes.
,,You aren't fat honey, you're beautiful.",,You can say what you want, but I know you find me fat!",,Yes, I have to admit you are fat...but those 25 pounds look good on you." Brad caressed her fat hips.,,You want me fatter? Are you kidding me??",,We're together for three years now, and I can see your love for food. Just give up to your desires, it will free you.",,Uuuhh, please let me alone, I have to think about it. That's pretty confusing." Anna stood up, clothed herself and left their house. She walked for 20 minutes and came to the park. There she searched a bench and sat down. Anna had to admit to herself that a fat booty like hers had some advantages. She always sat soft and feeling her ass jiggling when walking with her thunder thighs rubbing together aroused her.,,Maybe Brads advice wasn't so bad at all. It's worth a shot." She continued thinking about some details and made her way back. When she entered the house Brad was cooking lunch. It was spaghetti with the sauce recipe of his grandmother. Fattening and good.,,I've thought about what you said. Just come into the living room when you're finished." Brad turned around with an amazed look on his face.,,Just wait two minutes Anna, then I've finished cooking."
A few minutes later he went to her only to find her sitting on the couch with a serious look on her face. Brad feared the worst.,,I will get fat, but I want to make a contract with you. For every pound I gain you have to gain two and as long as I am fat you will be fat too. That's my reinsurance if it doesn't please me." Brad didn't know what to say, should he really gain houndreds of pounds and give up his body? At 170 lbs and 6" tall he felt good looking but how would it be when they began their contract? Brad agreed and thought:,,Hope I will not regret it."
Then the two sat down for lunch and Brad said:,,How about that: when we finish eating we go to the mall, buy some fattening foods and drinks and of cause weight gain shakes?" Anna smiled and nodded. They ate quickly and drove to the mall. The first stop was at the confectory where they bought 3 big tarts, 10 boxes of chocolate and 2 big boxes of caramel toffees. In the next shop 20 boxes of twinkies, 5 pounds of butter whipped cream and chocolate sirup landed into the shopping cart. The last stop was the gym shop, where Brad bought 30 liters of the strongest shake. Back home they prepared everything and Anna said:,,I'm first, no discussion!" She opened five boxes of twinkies and began devouring them. After three boxes her belly hurted so badly, that she wanted to make the finish line, but she had to go on.
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Jazzman 8 years
Good concept. Excellent Concept in fact.
And then it's ruined by Rushing things. Have you ever fed someone?
The quantities of everything is absurd. Please consider re writing with moderate and realistic quantities. Slow Down. Your story has So much po