Forcefed piggy

Chapter 1 - the forced way of gluttony

Today my girlfriend and me were together for one year, so we decided to make a romantic dinner. Once were eating she grabbed my hand and said:,, Honey would you consider gaining a few pounds, you are so thin, I'm really worried.'',, But 150lbs is good for my size...'',, How shall I say it... I love you, but strong man I love the most. Only 30-50lbs, then you're my strong man.'' while caressing my hand. I said:,, I think I should go now, you have drunk too much. '',, If you say so, please come and cuddle with me a bit" she said. I couldn't resist and emmediatly said yes, because her chubby body simply turned me on. In one year she had gained 200lbs. When I got to know her she was pretty hot, but now she was hot and cute... her belly had gotten two huge rolls, her face had gotten a lot chubbier with a double chin and her pear shape was much more developed. An ass and juicy thunder thighs jiggling with every movement, and with her thick arms with small rolls at the ellbows that made her unresistable. Now I layed down with her she alredy fell asleep, in the next 15 minutes I wanted to go. But suddenly I got super tired and fell asleep. When waking up I noticed my arms and legs being tied up at the bedpost. But the scariest thing was a feeding tube was attached to my mouth. Then the door opened and my girlfriend came in,,, now she is gone nuts''' I thought. Then she walked to the bed and began to explain:,, I had put sleeping pills into your meal, because I knew how you would react and I don't want to lose you but the most important thing now is that you get healthy! We begin with a fattening shake with my personal recipe also the key formula for my wealthy goddess body, but I'm still too thin 350lbs is just acceptable, but first you!'' Then she poured the fattening shake into the tube. I hadn't even the possibility to resist chugging because it was stuffed into my throat.,, It got 4000 calories per liter, and we won't stop until we got this 5 literst empty. If you are a good piggy you will get a belly rub'', she smiled devilishly...
After four hours it was done, the last creamy drops ran down my throat, maybe that was it for a long time. I was so bloated and sleepy, and damn.. I could fell how the fattening shake had found his way to my hips and was meeting his friends. She pulled the tube out of my mouth and said:,, Now we round this up with a desert, mmmh...'',, You stuffed me barely to coma! I don't want anymore!!'',, Ooh, now we want to get stubborn, huh? That shows that this belly really needs this snack you are still hungry but are too shy to ask for more food, but luckily I'm an expert in this profession, (she smacked my already bloated and hurting belly) and I got always some sweets around in every room a 5 kilo box, but in the bedroom 10!'' Then she pulled two packs of extra large Mars from under the bed and she unpacked all the Mars. I wanted to open my mouth to say something but then she quickly pushed the choco sweets into it, and I had to chew to have the ability to speak. But it didn't even come to, because she always pushed another chocolate bar into my mouth.
,, I only wanted to feed you one package, but you wanted two! I'm so glad that you got such an appetite, so now it's time for your belly rub.'' My girlfriend rubbed and caressed my hurting abdomen, in a strange way it was a redemption for me.,,I can't eat more.'' I said.,,Yes, you got right, we make a break of one hour you're looking pretty tired, then I will cook your lunch.'' She got right I was tired, but eating more??,,How fat do you want me to get?''. ,, Until you are my strong, that won't take long... we first have to heal your anorexia, 140lbs is NOT acceptable, I think when you reach 450lbs, my little fat piggy is ready.'' 450 pounds! But when she released me then I could go on diet and loose all the upcoming fat rolls.,,You will be my god of gluttony, a symbol of fertility. I've fattened around 20 men up, but you are my masterpiece, the fattest of all of my piggies'', she said this in a strange voice while caressing my hair. Now I must hurry with preparing lunch, we maybe talked around 5 minutes but because ofthis exhausion we have to halve your break. My honey shouldn't be hungry, shouldn't he? But anyways it's time for your nap!'' she walked to the door turned the lights off, and closed the door. No two minutes and I reached the land of my dreams, when waking up, she stood in front of me with a big plate of pancakes with ten kinds of chocolade sauces in pots. The more I eat the faster I gain, and get faster out of here. So I ate over two hours pancake after pancake, and now there were no pancakes left, so she fed me the chocolate sauce with the tube. Afterwards it was time for a belly rub, it must have been hours. Secretly appreciating it, that helped to heat my appetite again.,, Can you make me a dinner?'' I asked.,, Not today, I made a fattening shake while cooking with ten times more sugar, and more chocolate, because you look so sweet when you're overstuffed. Then she satisfied my appetite, that went everyday two weeks long, until I began to notice that always when I woke up my mouth tasted like caramel.,, Do you secretly feed me when I sleeping?'',, No honey, I only wanted to make sure you have sweet dreams. Because I love you so much, so I had to be shure and put a whole box of caramel Bonbons under your tongue one after another for the good taste! There's an exiting news: it's weigh in! But before you need some energy to walk 5 chocolate bars should be enough'' and my girlfriend began to force feed me the delicious snacks.she began her real psycho tricks but not long and freedom was mine. Then my girlfriend untied me and we walked in the the bathroom to the scale.,, You got some meat at your belly and your ass. Let me jiggle that belly (she jiggled it and shivered, ,, That's sooi cute, when your appetite stays at this level your belly will be so big, that you can't button any jeans.'' I stepped on the scale, ,,Wow 45 pounds in two weeks? I can gratulate myself, that's the best start I ever accomplished with one of feedies, god I'm so horny, but you're not manly enough yet. Doesn't matter I've got two healthy hands'', she smiled, knowing it would get me to desperation. 195 lbs... that was a word. The next two weeks it got worse and worse, not only that she feeds me caramel bonbons every night, she now also took the tube and poured liters of cacao, buttermilk, and smoothies in all these two weeks. I gained 'only' 35lbs, my metabolism had made a speed up.,, 230 very thin... still not acceptable, when you're 70 pounds heavier we get into the 'slim to normal range', and we have to do something to speed this up because my little fatty should always have what he wants and needs, and I know what you and especially that pretty piece of everhungry jelly belly.'' My girlfriend kneaded my belly fat, it had gotten so huge, no hope to get a jeans on. She bought me new underware but burned my normal clothing, with that fire she made me a huge barbecue with 10 steaks 50 chicken wings and as a round up a 5lbs package of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce and with her personal round up on the round up was a glass of Nutella. Uugh... that went straight to my hips I thought totally overstuffed and unable to move with my girlfriend checking every inch for new fat rolls or flabbier fat.
,,Your arms got fatter and this thunder thighs got so chunky'', she said in great arousal,, I'm looking forward to the 300 mark, then only a few weeks and you will be fatter than me, around 450lbs!'',, I'm also excited and filled with joy about your enthusiastic work'', I lied.,, You seem to get hungry again, but you get 3 hours of break because I have to buy more food for this cute belly to be filled. Who is mamas little piggy? Right you are!!'' She said while tying me again. So my girlfriend went to the supermarket.,, Gosh, I've gotten so fat and still 200lbs left, I have to eat more so it doesn't take not so long. Maybe in 5-6 months.'' I said to me. My eating will had gotten pretty weird, I didn't want to eat this much but on the other side it was kind of super exciting to eat everything in big quantities. Were my next thoughts, but that stuffed it was too exhausting to think, and I fell asleep. A sweet voice waked me up, it was her with a bowl of ice cream and as a climax more whipped cream than ice, that was a calorie bomb, yes! I devoured all of it in an surprising speed.,, My honey seems to want more! Luck I got some french pralines right next to me, with much butter and sugar to soften that body to make it more comfortable for you, mama always thinks on everything for her fatty.'' It always was very disturbing and alarming when she talked to me in this way. While being fed the pralines my mind slowly got blurry and 2 minutes after finishing the second box I fell aslep. My last thought was:,, Damn it she did it agan that crazy bitch now she would begin to force feed me the half night because she had no self control over her desires.''
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Becomingfeed... 8 years
My primary language is german, and thanks for the compliment. It makes me happy to see my story getting appreciated smiley
Fatlilboy 8 years
I hope you write more. What is your primary language? I'm impressed that you have attempted something so long and descriptive. Very proud of you for that. Don't know why others haven't commented but I think you're wonderful!
Fatlilboy 9 years
Well - what can I say. I can circumvent the horrible English and cut through to the content. I totally enjoy what you have to say. You do have an excellent FF voice - but you need an editor for sure. I'd love to help....there are plenty willing to do