The fat girl

Chapter 1 - where it began

Dan and Chloe has now been together for two years. After indulging in dinner Dan got on one knee at proposed to her. How could she not say yes. Dan was caring, nice, and funny. Chloe had been waiting for this moment for months. Later that night as they laid in bed Dan said I need to tel you something” I like woman on the bigger side.” He paused, could you help me by getting fat?” He asked
She looked at him with a big smile. “ I will”
Chloe had always wanted to be in the bigger side but her mom kept telling her to eat healthy and other non important things.
“Let’s get started in the morning” she said before turning the light off. She awoke to the smell of pancakes on eggs being fried. As the smell lifted her into the air Dan called her over. She sat down behind a huge heap of greasy food. She ate pancake after pancake but all the food made her full. She had eaten only about two thirds of her plate when she moaned out” I can’t eat anymore” Dan slowly said should I help you out by feeding you? The reply was yes. He put his fingers on the juicy squishy pancakes, they were drenched in syrup. She opened her mouth and chewed, opened her mouth and chewed it was like a beat she thought as soon as she opened her moth there was food in it she loved it. She wanted to become the biggest fattest pig in the world. Her bloated belly didn’t fit in her jeans so she used yoga pants. After a week of hard work she could start to see some progress she had a little potbelly and her butt had become squishier but the most significant part was her upper body it had become slightly larger and very squishy. She loved it she was up 15 pounds of pure fat. After another week of stuffing she could eat two plates of breakfast, a greasy lunch, and a huge dinner. Her little potbelly now stuck out it had become softer to sit and she loved her Upper half she thought it was beautiful. She even thought she liked it more than Dan. But how could she know he was living in Atlanta he had been forced to work there was his boss gave him a higher paying position and he accepted he gave her a credit card a pile of cash and left. She was lonely but she was having fun.

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