The fattening

Chapter 1 - the beginning and the end

Abby is a high school girl who visited a new ride called. The fattening it was fun. Let me tell you about it.

In the amusement park industry new rides are key and lake whale did just that. Girls ages 16 to 50 were allowed in. Abby got a dare from a friend to go the ride. Abby got to the top of the stairs and waved her friends goodbye than she disappeared into the grey building. At the top was a stand where girls and women all ages desperately filled out waivers. Abby filled hers out and went bin there she was greated by a worker handing bout clothes of all different sizes she got a huge black one it was maybe 2 or 3 sizes big. Little did she know she would outgrow it. Abby waited in line for what seemed an hour before getting to the entrance. “Have fun” a man told her as he led her and 2 others high schoolers to the entrance the trio entered through and the man shut the door behind them. As abbies eyes adjusted she noticed chocolate syrup, cake, and other sweets in the room. A screen on the ceiling and it read “Hello little pigs get ready for eating” the trio didn’t understand what it meant but time kept ticking and one of the other girls sat down took a bite of the chocolate and looked like she was going to drown in happiness. Abby didn’t understand why the girl was stuffing her face full of this candy room but she needed to find out. She took a piece of a cake maybe the size of half room and understood. These sweets were amazing. The other girl looked scared and shocked by what she had done. But the other girl that had been stuffing her face full of chocolates shoved her into a pool of chocolate syrup. The girl now was chugging absorbing the syrup as if this were her last day alive. Abby herself kept shoving handful after handful of this cake into her mouth she noticed her belly started to expand but she didn’t feel fuller if hungrier. Now that all the girls were pigging out all of them started to change. One after the other they gained little potbellies. Abbies butt was considerably larger and flab was starting to form on her arms. Soon she had finished the cake and was getting hungrier by the minute seemed like the other girls had protruding guts and huge asses not to say their suits had become quite tight on them. As Abby looked around and took a step forward but the chocolate ground slipped and she landed face first into a milkshake the size of hot tub. She instantly started eating and her growing frame finally rubbed against her suit. Her once flat stomach was now swelling. Her squishy thighs had now been consumed her ass it became a huge blob. She kept drinking and drinking she could literally feel her getting bigger. “Ahh” Abby felt a tingly sensation and her boobs started to swell into great melons. Abby could no longer see what’s was around her but could only suck in the gluten us shake she was being forced to consume. Abby was starting to actually like getting bigger after what seemed for ages the door opened and a crane picked her up she could see the other two girls had massive ass’s and were probably over 5 stone. Her massive body was thrown into a pit full of mushy squishy things it was the other girls they were all squirming trying to get comfortable. She felt other bodies of fat being dropped on her massive gut. This was the end for young Abby.

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Shout out to aloe cool for starting to gain
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How does everyone like this story? I personally like this format better, mire text more stuffing all in one.
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