The getaway

chapter 1

Hannah slowly opened her eyes and turned around. Looking at the beautiful view that was in front of her, it all came back to her. Taking a deep breath in she sat up, pushed the covers off her body and got up. Today was a beautiful day and she came here to forget, not to mourn. She decided that things would be different from now on.

The brunette quickly got ready to go to the hotel's pool, putting on her favorite red one piece that showed off her slim, yet perfectly curvy body. Even though she had her own infinity pool with her villa she knew that staying in would do her no good. Standing in front of the huge mirror in the entryway she looked at herself in the eyes and put on her oversized Celine sunglasses.

The sky was a perfect color and Hannah was eating her favorite, eggs Benedict's with bottomless mimosas, next to the huge pool. And then that's when she saw him for the first time. He was tanning on a lounge chair on the other side of the pool. He looked like he was around her age and he was truly magnificent. His belly was the star of the show, it looked like a mountain of blubber. His skin looked smooth and his fat just squishy enough.

She continued eating and drinking while looking at him, not bothering to be subtile. Half an hour later she saw him slowly push himself off the chair to get in the pool. Even from that far she could see the sweat on his body and his midsection quickly going up and down from the little exercise he had to do in order to get in the pool. She decided she had had enough mimosas for 11am and took a seat in the hot tub that was attached to the pool. The beautiful brunette had a first row seat to watch the obese guy try to swim some laps. He quickly gave up looking totally out of shape and just let himself float on his back.

Hannah was still in the hot tub relaxing and most importantly looking at him when he got out of the pool, using the stairs with his belly flapping against his legs. When she saw that he has headed towards her, she felt the excitement rush through her. He slowly lowered himself in the hot tub taking a seat opposite Hannah. She could see his humungous belly resting heavily in his lap. He smiled at her, his dimples showing off and she half smiled, half smirked at him. Being slightly more than a bit tipsy she knew she had to talk to him.

"All alone too?" asked Hannah
"Yeah, just for a few days" he answered
"Oh, someone special joining you?" enquired the brunette
"I wish, but no my family took a scuba diving excursion and I'm no good on boats and I can't exactly fit in one of them suits" laughed the big guy while patting his gut.
It was silent for a few seconds as they were both looking at each other.
"But what about you, what brings you here?" he asked
"Just needed a change of scenery you know, so here I am. It's a bit more lonely than what I thought but that's what I needed I think" she smiled
"Well I have a massage to get to, but if you ever want to not be alone i'll be at the buffet at 6pm" he said as he got up.
"Hey I never got your name!" said Hannah as he was walking away.
He turned around, giving her a beautiful view of his belly and said "It's Toby!".
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