The family expansion

chapter 1

John and Sarah met when they were only 19 and had been dating ever since. 8 years later, they lived together in a gorgeous white house and were still crazy for each other. They cherished this dream of having a beautiful family but sadly, after months and months of trying the blonde still showed no signs of pregnancy. It was taking a toll on Sarah who had wanted kids even since she could remember. She dealt with it, by snacking constantly and binging. It showed especially on her midsection that was flat last year.

As natural conception didn't seem like it would happen for them, they had turned to in vitro fertilization. Sarah was being injected with hormones so she could produce multiple eggs instead of one a month. This had caused her to be even more emotional and also for her already large breasts to grow. Her more than respectable 32D had turned into a 38F. The beautiful blonde now had a belly that was protruding in front of her and her tights were much more rounder than they were before.

Today was the appointment they had both been waiting for: the transfer of the embryos. Sarah was nervous and held John's hand tightly as they sat in the waiting room. She noticed that the waiting room chairs kept getting smaller and smaller for her frame and it wouldn't take long until it would be difficult to fit in them. She didn't give it more thought as she was so nervous for the outcome of what was about to happen.

//3 weeks later//

"Honey I really think this time, it's happened!" said Sarah to John in the car
"This is why we're going over to the doctors office right now, I don't want you to get your hopes up" answered John, scared that something might have went wrong.
"I know" sighed the blonde as she looked out the window.

In the beige waiting room Sarah could now feel the armrest straining against her hips, her weight gain showing no signs of stopping. A very pregnant lady was sat near them and the blonde was so jealous of her luck. She couldn't help but stare at her enormous belly that sat in her lap. It was so big, it nearly reached her knees and her breasts were comfortably sat on it.

"Mrs. Keegan, the doctor is ready for you" announced a nurse.

After a battery of tests, the doctor smiled at both of them and told them: you're pregnant!

Sarah nearly cried right there and then, but held it in and thanked the doctor. She couldn't wait for the future.
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Tanatos 2 years
Continuation will be or this is the final. Although it would be interesting to continue.
Karenjenk 3 years
27 - Perpetually preggars. wow. the WG would never end
Tanatos 3 years
great sequel. I wonder what will happen next.
Tanatos 4 years
beautiful style. I look forward to continuing
Darkwarrior 5 years
I'd love to see more, much more
Theswordsman 6 years
After having that many babies to eat for i doubt she will stop gaining weight even after they're born