The imp

chapter 1 the summoning

In a modern urban brick house, there lived a family of six, all of which were all religious and overweight. They all wanted to lose weight and kept trying diets and other ways to lose weight. All of them but the eldest child.

Lucy was 16, was 5'1" tall, and weighed 238 lbs already. The weight went primarily to her hips and thighs, her breasts were as big as basket balls, soft pudgy arms, and she had a large belly that wobbled when she walked. She wasn't as religious as the rest as the rest as her stress and lack of comfort made her lose faith, and she didn't want to lose weight as it felt nice on her, also she is a class-A foodie.

Growing up being her size, she wasn't able to get many friends, even though she was the nicest one in a 1000 mile radius. The closest she got was an acquaintance, and that's as far as it would go. She was left with, to her, only two options, limit her food intake or never form a relationship ever. Then she thought of a third option; search the internet for a way to summon a friend. Being of little faith, she didn't care about the consequences.

After about 2 days of searching the internet, she finds one that needs the following ingredients; a hair from a ginger, a 4 leaf clover, a bone from the wilderness, an object from your childhood, a chalk pentagram, and 5 lavender candles. The description of the demon was that of an imp who will listen and make your desires his, but he dislikes bathing. she thought to herself "I can handle people with bad BO." Under neath it has a note, which reads "think of a multi cultural leprechaun."

Luckily, she had most of the items already as she collected all sorts of things. She snuck a hair that fell from an Irish transfer student, chloroformed everyone in house to ensure that no one wakes up, drew the chalk pentagram onto a her copy of "hop on pop", placed the candles at each point, and waited for the right time of night.

She lit the candles one by one then placed into the center the red strand of hair, a preserved 4 leaf clover, and the bone of a chipmunk she found in the woods while going camping. She ignited them while doing the incantation provided from the website. After about a minute, the pentagram lights up and erupts, shooting out a figure the size of G.I.Joe with the force of a canon into the wooden ceiling. luckily everyone was asleep. the figure still engulf with flames, groans and gets up brushing itself off. "They should really put a note that says prepare a pillow for cushioning or something like that." It was the voice of a teenage boy.

Lucy stared in awe in what she had done, but also in surprise. As the flames died, she got a better view of the 5 inch creature. It looked to be that of a 16 year old scrawny boy in his underwear, but with 2 horns sticking out from his head and curled back, as well as a long string like tail with an arrow head at the tip. His hair was reddish blonde and his skin pale but with pinkish tints. "W-why are you s-so..." Lucy stuttered.

"Small?" He looks up at her with his surprisingly blue eyes. "Because you used the bone of a chipmunk." He snaps his fingers and a t-shirts and jeans appear on him in a poof of mist. "But just as powerful. No one else can summon designer jeans this stylish." He admires the fabric. "Let alone, in this size."

"How can you do that?" she lowers her head closer so she can admire him.

Snaps his fingers and poofs onto her desk. "Perks of being a fifth dimensional being." Moves your computer mouse with a grunt, then sits on it. "Come, take a seat. What's bothering you?"

Lucy reluctantly got up and sits at the desk. "Well, I don't have many friends because of my size, but I enjoy food too much to give it up. I even have dreams of... well... never mind."

"Come on, talk to me. I'm like your gay friend, except I'm bi. I love you as a friend unconditionally." He gestures with his hands.

She giggles. "If you say so." she sighs and continues. "I dream of becoming too fat to move, I really enjoy the weight of myself as well as the feeding. I love food so damn much. But my family has been limiting my food and has been forcing me to exorcise with them, and really don't want to."

Listening intently, he smiles. "Well, this is a first. I've been summoned for the opposite results, but it looks like now I can finally enjoy myself." She looks at him confused. "Let me show you. I can make you instantly Immobile." snaps his fingers and Lucy expands so fast that all of her clothes shred off. She tries to move but shes bloated to big and heavy, luckily her bench doesn't break. She blushes as she cant see over her own breasts. He snaps again and she shrinks back to her previous size, now naked. "But with how want to be fed and stuffed fat, this makes it fun. Plus gives us time to kill two birds with one stone and you get a new friend out of this."

"R-really?" She says excitedly.

He snaps and summons a temperary floating Shrek head that says "Really really."

She laughs at it, then gets a new bra and underwear on. "Thank you for this."

"No problem, now get some sleep. We've got some work to do tomorrow."

"Do you need a bed?" She asks out of generosity.

"Not really."

"You can sleep in my cleavage, I've always wanted to try that."

He thinks for a moment. "That's an odd thing to have always wanted, even for me, but if you insist." He raises his hand to snap.

"Wait, can I carry you instead of you warping?"

He sighs, "sure."

With that, she gently plucks him like a flower and places him into her valley of breast flesh, Where he snuggles into. "Was that so hard?" He shrugs. "Goodnight, What ever your name is."

"My name can't be pronounced by the English language, so just call me Sean." He smirks. "And goodnight, hope you sleep well."


Let me know How the demon should act. I have a basic idea, but it needs some inspiration.
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