Pool party

chapter 1 "the party starts"

This is my first story I've done, so don't judge too hard. It's based off of a wet dream I had that indulged into my fantasy.


You are a 6 foot 20 year old male who had just arrived at the pool party that your best friend had invited you to. You don't really know anyone and you're kinda shy, making you want to stay in the corner by the deep end, swimming in place or hanging on to the ledge as you can't reach the bottom, watching the crowd of people from the distance.

The Crowd includes several couples, some gay some straight, but your preference was straight, which drew your eyes to girls who were all in bikinis.

"Bikini's must be on sale this summer," you think to yourself, enjoying the view.

Your whole life you've been attracted to bigger and softer girls, but you've always been very self conscience about it. Almost every girl there was around 200 lbs or more. Their size and beauty with the bikinis had given you a boner so big that you were lucky that no one was near you.

Your best friend, the host, walks outside calling everyone's attention. He's short and of Mexican descent and has hair that is both fluffy and rough. He's very charismatic and wealthy, Which allows him to provide us his pool and mansion in the woods. "Thank you all so much for coming, I hope you all have fun. Now that most of us are here, I'd like to open up the buffet and bar." Him being as wealthy as he is has it fully catered and had chefs constantly cooking food to supply the party of around 25. "Please, eat and drink as much you want. Unless you're underage, then just soft drinks for you." He grins, joking. You smile at him as he walks over to you.

The crowd had dispersed across the tables, leaving him some time to talk to you. He leans down to you in the pool. "You know, you seem awfully lonely over here. I know how much you tend to keep to yourself, but I know you like to be witty with most people. Is something wrong?"

You sigh. "I'm still single and you invited all of those hot girls, I have no chance with any of them." You look over your stocky body. You know that you are well built and muscular, but its all covered in hairy fat rolls that you think would look better on girls instead.

He looks over, not having the same attraction to fat girls, then shakes his head. "What about Audrey? I thought you two would hit it off."

You remember a 287 lb Latina with a belly the size of a beach ball. She was pretty hot, but she was extremely bipolar and you couldn't handle all the drama. "We were until she said that she was a lesbian and left." Which was true. "She thought I was just a good friend. But like usual, I got friend zoned." Also she wasn't attracted to you.

He scoffs. "Maybe you shouldn't be a nice guy, they finish last."

You laugh. "That means that we last longer in bed." You make the come back even though you are technically still a virgin.

He stands back up, disappointed at that joke. "Well, if you're done roasting me, I think there's someone you'd like to meet. She'll be here shortly." You both notice that there is a fight breaking out at the buffet line. "Just be yourself and to raise your expectations a bit, she's worth it." With that he rushes off.

"I'll give it a try." you tell yourself, then watch and listen to the fight.

Two large women were arguing over the last wing. The host rushes and figures out what had happened, then comes up with a solution. "I have a three step solution to this." When he talks everyone listens. "Firstly, apologize to each other." They did so hesitantly. "Secondly, this chicken wing is mine." The two women look at him in shock. "And thirdly..." He mumbled still chewing, "...we have more prepped up." He waved over a caterer to restock the empty dishes, solving the issue.

Minutes pass after the incident occurred and you're still waiting for your "date" to show. You start losing hope, that is until you see from the corner of your eye a wide figure inside the house starts walking to the back glass door. Being lead by your best friend, you watch and get excited as the figure needs to walk through sideways to not get her hips stuck, giving you a great view of her figure. Thick firm thighs with a firm protruding rump that barely lets her even go through sideways, a belly that jiggles with her every step and sticks out over her bikini bottoms, and Massive breasts the size of over inflated basketballs that she squishes through the doorway one at a time. She has a figure of perfection in your book.

However there's one more thing about her that drives you absolutely wild.

She needs to duck her head all the way to fit through the doorway.


This is just part one, I'm tired and need some sleep, so I'll add to it soon.
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DragonMaster 5 years
I'm going for more of the feeling of how in a dream things make you think in general instead of focusing on every little detail. That's why I don't use many names. It's not who you remember in the dream, but what about the dream you remember. Make sense?
Karenjenk 5 years
This could be really cool fleshed out and made into a story.
its kind of an outline now... a narrative?
i really like the main guy though