The love triangle

  By Oc30

chapter 1

"why did I think I could wear these tight pants all day" she whined as she unbuttoned them, allowing her growing round belly to spill forward, pushing her zipper down.

Courtney walked around with her pants un done as she talked about her day. She had gained more weight but was comfortable with it. Her long term boyfriend liked bigger women so she had gradually let herself slide into a lazy routine. He stared at her recent gain- mostly going to her mid section and legs. She was really becoming a BBW.

She would roll out of bed and get ready for her desk job. After sitting all day she would come home to her boyfriend cooking dinner. They would smoke, eat, and then eat more because of the munchies. This routine continued for years and took a extreamly sexy toll on her body.

Her huge breasts exploded into double f cups and sat nicly atop her huge round belly. It was soft and jiggled with every step, making all of her tight clothes ride up her gut.

Her butt had expanded outward and to the sides. She had serious hips now. Probably the reason her pants that she bought only a few months ago we're suddenly too small to squeeze herself into. Her thick legs oozed out of her pants as she said them off.

"I won't be wearing these ever again," she muttered.

She peaked at the tag on the waistband: 12W. Her love handles had grown considerably, showing the newest lines of stretch marks. They jiggled as she threw her too small jeans onto the grpwing pile of outgrown clothes in the back of her closet. Moving size 14 turned her on more than she thought it would.

"As long as he likes it, I don't mind my growing body," she thought as she pulled up her stretchy pants in lieu of her tight jeans.

Even those we're getting a little snug. Her thick legs were pushing the fabric outward - making them shorter at the bottom. She could see her underwear outline tightly wrapping her jiggly ass.

"I'm kinda horny," she mumbled between fists full of doritos. Her shirt started to ride up her belly and she plopped onto the couch causing her growing body to shake and jiggle.

She rolled onto of her boyfriend while still eating the doritos. He grabbed her belly and shook it as she pushed it out for him. She knew he loved it when she inhaled and extended her belly. It had grown so much it was now resting between her legs. As she pushed it out, and sagged and sat on top of his flat stomach.

"You like my saggy belly?" She asked as her hand shook her growing love handles. She could feel his growing cock underneath her; she knew that he loved her growing body.

"I bet you'd like to know how much I weight," she said as she rolled off of him. She was slightly out of breath.

"Those new pants you ordered me don't fit. You got the right size...But my belly keeps growing from all of our lounging around and I can't seem to slow down on the snacks." she said as she walked toward the bathroom where his scale was. She was starting to waddle slightly because of her thicker legs.

She didn't even like weighing herself, she enjoyed noticing her growing body naturally. He however thoroughly enjoyed documenting every expanding inch and she knew that.

She grabbed the scale out off the bottom shelf and put on the floor in the bedroom. Well, she kind of just dropped it because she did not want to bend down all the way to the floor. She peered over her growing bust line as she stepped on the scale- it creaked a little from her chubbier feet.
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Karenjenk 6 years
I love this. its moving at a nice pace and a wager is a really cool reason to gain.
i hope you keep writing
Mdy73 6 years
Yes, great story, I hope for some next chapters...
Jazzman 6 years
This Is AMAZING. Please write more quickly.This story is Hot!