The oracle at dodona

Chapter 1 - arrival in dodona

This is my first story so all feedback and/or criticism is appreciated!

270BC, Dodona, Epirus, North western Greece.

Pyrrho, a greek man, walking the streets of Dodona. He was travelling to see the Oracle that presided at the local temple. Pyrrho was young, aged 20. He was 5"11' muscled but lean. His clothes were worn, cuts on his hands and feet. He was a refugee from the war between Macedon and Epirus, the state responsible for governing Dodona, his family killed, all he had to his name were three silver pieces, his families entire savings.

Pyrrho was weak from the long travel and decided to stay at a local inn for the night before making the trip up the hill to get his fortune from the oracle. The inn was cozy, a fire pit was central to the room, and a dozen of the inn's denizens milled about and chatted. Pyrrho spotted the innkeeper and walked up to her. She was chubby for her age, especially in these scarce times, Pyrrho was intrigued.

"Greetings" she said "my name is Adoni, are you looking for somewhere to stay for the night?", Pyrrho told her "yes, but I don't have the means to pay, could we come to some other sort of arrangement?" (he didn't wish to spend the small amount of silver he possessed). "It just so happens I'm in need of help with a few odd jobs around the inn, there'd be a bed and food in it for you, but I'll need you to help me run the inn, serve customers, clean the place, and deal with any unsavoury visitors" Pyrrho agreed to the job, and while she was showing him around the place, Pyrrho got a good look at her.

She was his age, maybe a little bit older, shorter than him, maybe 5"8', she was chubby as he noticed earlier. She had a bottom heavy shape. Her free flowing garb showed a bit of her midriff, she had a thin waist, with a small belly, barely pushing out from her body, and gave the slightest jiggle when she walked. Her himation (loosely wrapped dress) gave the impression of large boobs, which jutted out from her soft belly, each were at least as big his fist. Her arms were soft and undefined, Pyrrho looked down to her waist and hips, the widest part of her, jutting out just as far back as her boobs did forward.

Adoni turned around to face Pyrrho, "and that's pretty much the place, my dad left it to me while he is away in the war, so I'm here all on my own". She said this almost invitingly, with a dimple in her angular face. Her eyes were strangely golden, and matched her amber hair. "Shall I show you to your room?, your work will start tomorrow" she added, whipping around and walking Pyrrho to his room. She seemed to have an unnaturally healthy glow about her.

It was a small, dusty room with a single straw bed, it would do for the time being. Pyrrho thanked her for her hospitality, and she left, with her dimple still showing, and closed the door behind her. Pyrrho undressed, examining the cuts on his body, some were deep, and one particularly deep cut on his palm looked infected, he would have to seek treatment at the Oracle too.

Pyrrho fell asleep quickly. During the night, a bright light made Pyrrho wake, he shielded his eyes and looked towards its source. It was Adoni, "do not be afraid" she said as she entered the room, her eyes were glowing with a golden hue, the only light source in the room. " I am the daughter of Ares the god of war, and Aphrodite, goddess of love, I am Adoni, the goddess of refugees and refuge". Pyrrho could do nothing but gape as she walked towards him.

She had tied cloth to hold up her bulging tits, it was tied tightly and her boobs bulged above the tight cloth. She was wearing was a second piece of cloth, tied around her hips, short enough to show off her plump thighs which harboured a hint of cellulite and belly, but hiding her wide butt, she jiggled as she walked.

She was close enough for Pyrrho to smell her sweet smelling breath. "You are injured" she breathed, and reached out to take his hands, where his hands touched hers her skin dimly glowed the same golden hue. Pyrrho felt instant relief to the pain in his hands. "This cut is infected", she said softly, "it is beyond my power to heal".

Her body was so close to his now he could feel her warmth radiating off of her. Gripping his hands in hers, she placed his hands on her ass, "you are to be my champion, and help me grow in power, for I am weak and will need much strength to help the unfortunate in this growing conflict" pushing her body against his as she spoke. Pyrrho said nothing, instead he kissed Adoni's supple and inviting lips, squeezing her fleshy behind, she gasped, bit her lip, and pushed her body more tightly into his. Pyrrho felt her warm, soft body squished against him.

"I will be your champion" he said, and as he said it, Adoni moaned, her body was expanding, Pyrrho felt her ass spreading wider and getting softer, her meagre belly began to grow in size, pushing out into him, bulging his stiff dick. Her tits grew too. Her growth slowed to a stop. "Your devotion gives me strength" she moaned, Her tight cloth garments fell to the floor from the strain, giggling, Adoni pushed him onto the bed with her added weight, and climbed onto him, straddling him, while resting her larger belly onto his chest. She started riding his hard cock, while he grabbed as many handfuls of her as he could. As she pounded into him her thighs and ass shook and her belly and tits jiggled. Her newly gained weight was getting the better of her, as she began to get out of breath. This only turned her on more as her newly engorged body continued to softly slap against Pyrrho's muscular frame.

From the moment he saw her he had fallen in love, the fact that she was a goddess only made him more enamoured. He looked into her softer face, the dimple was ever present amongst her chubbier cheeks, a newly formed double chin cupping the underside of her once angular jaw.

They made love for hours, both wrapped in passion. When they were done, they both fell asleep.
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Hdc 5 months
this is really nice, i would like to read more of this!
Chasingfall 4 years
I’m surprised nobody else has commented yet. This is really very good. I am normally critical of the stories I read here, but I would be hard pressed to pick out any obvious flaws. The story is well edited for this website, utilizes appropriate grammar an