The woman in the video.

Chapter 1 - the woman in the video.

A shaky video, shot on a phone. A young woman, perhaps in her late twenties is sitting on a purple bed in what looks like a hotel room. She looks a little nervous. She smiles at the person holding the phone.

'It's just a bit weird!' she smiles nervously.

'I know, but trust me.' says a male voice from close behind the phone. 'You should do this without your top on'.

'What?' she says.

'Without your top. Take it off'.

The woman rolls her eyes in embarrassment, but she does as the voice tells her. She removes her white tee shirt, puts it on the bed and turns back towards the phone camera.

'That's better.' says the voice. 'You look good.'

'Thanks' says the woman, still embarrassed.

She's an attractive woman with blonde hair, sharp blue eyes and an endearing smile. Her body is curvy, with a gentle roll of softness around her middle that is pinched by jeans that are just a touch tighter than they should be.

'Are you ready?' says the voice.

'No. Not really.' she answers.

'It's not difficult. You just have to follow my prompts.'

'Ok.' she replies.

'Look into the camera' he says. She looks into the lens and her face becomes more serious.

'Tell me your name'.

'Becky. Um, Rebecca Bailey.' she replies.

'Good. Now Rebecca, you've got a secret, haven't you?' says the voice, teasing in tone.

'Yes.' she says, looking at the floor.

'Keep looking at the camera, Rebecca, keep looking into the lens. Now, tell me, what's your secret?'

'I, er....' her embarrassment deepens and she breaks into an involuntary smile.

'Come on.' he says. 'Tell me your secret.'

She looks into the lens and breathes out long and hard through pursed lips.

'I'm. I'm a Feedee.'

'A what?' says the voice.

'Fuck, it’s so weird saying that word out loud. I’ve only ever seen it on a screen. '

‘Would you like to explain what it means?'

'Well, it means I....I want to get fat.'

'Well done.' says the voice. 'Well done. tell me Rebecca, just exactly how fat do you want to get?'

'Very.' she turns her head to the side. Her eyes flicker between the floor and the lens.

'Good.' says the voice. 'Tell me, how much do you want this?'

'God this is so awkward. Um, I want it a lot.' Her eyes are fixed on the floor. 'I want it a lot.'

She begins to rock her hips slightly. Her right hand strokes the inside of her right thigh.

'How does it make you feel when you think about getting fat?' asks the voice.

‘I...I feel aroused.'

'Aroused. Right.' says the voice. 'Well, here’s the thing. I'm going to make sure that you get very, very fat'.

The woman briefly touches the soft, bare flesh around her stomach. Her eyes stare through the wall and into the deepest well of hidden desires. She begins to flush.

'I want you to repeat after me.' says the voice. The woman hesitates for a moment, then nods.

'Repeat after me. I understand that I must do exactly as I'm told.' he says.

'I understand I must do as I'm told.' she repeats.

'I must do exactly as I'm told, or there will be consequences.' says the voice.

'I must do exactly as I'm told or there will be consequences.'

'If I don't do exactly as I'm told...'

'If I don't do exactly as I'm told...' her voice becoming a whisper.

'Then this video will be sent to my friends and family in its entirety.' says the voice.

'This video will be sent to my friends and family.' she repeats.

'Good.' says the voice 'Imagine how they'd feel if they were to learn your little secret, eh Rebecca? Imagine how embarrassing that would be for you. For them. I don't think you want that to happen, do you Rebecca?' he says.

The woman shakes her head.

'Now, the date today is November the 7th. How much do you weigh now?'

'Ten stone thirteen. A hundred and fifty three pounds' she replies.

'You've got six months.' says the voice. 'In six months time, we'll meet here again. You'll weigh yourself in front of me. And in order to prevent me from sending this very, very embarrassing video to all of your friends and family, you need to have put on at least sixty pounds'.

For a moment the woman's face twitches in panic. Her mouth opens to speak, then her attention turns inward. She looks simultaneously terrified and euphoric.

'Shit...what?’ she looks in horror, ‘that’s way too...I mean, is that even possible?’

‘Sixty pounds in six months or everyone gets to know your secret.’

‘ Two hundred and thirteen pounds.' she whispers. ‘That’s more than fifteen stone.’

'In six months. Or I share this with everyone. Do you understand?' says the voice.

The woman looks into the lens one last time, her eyes a confusion of desire and fear and, biting her lower lip, she nods.

The video ends.
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Arne The Viking 3 years
Thanks guys. @karenjenk - I just got distracted. smiley
Karenjenk 3 years
I'm glad ot see you continue this.
why the soooo long wait.
AndiFive 3 years
I'm looking forward to the next chapters
Ryandaniels 3 years
very creative, the phone POV adds so much life to the story
Arne The Viking 3 years
Aww. Thanks, Fatchance!
Fatchance 3 years
Love, Love, Love this!
Arne The Viking 3 years
Finally got around to updating this. I’d love to know what you guys think of the new chapters.
Karenjenk 4 years
Wow.... This totally pushes my buttons////
ALLLLL of them
AndiFive 5 years
dude, please do more chapters.
Lurkymcduck 7 years
Different and good writing. And chance of a third chapter?
QuebecFA 7 years
I am really enjoying the story thus far! I can't wait for Chapter 3! :-)
Fatrnfatr 7 years
This is gonna be good.
Growingsofter 7 years
Love it
Arne The Viking 7 years
Thank Jazzman, I'm very grateful you took the time to say so.
Jazzman 7 years
This is Riveting!
Terrific Concept and well written.
Arne The Viking 7 years
Chapter 2 published, for anyone interested.
Arne The Viking 7 years
Ok. You convinced me. Chapter 2 is on its way.
Girlcrisis 7 years
That's a shame, it's a great concept and seems like it would have some serious potential if you ever wanted to take it further.
Arne The Viking 7 years
Though having said that, it might be fun to pick up the story six months later....
Arne The Viking 7 years
Thanks for the kind comments. It's a micro-short story. I don't intend to take it further. I should've said so in the description. It was written at speed during my lunch break, hence the poor spelling and grammatical mess.
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