The women and her guest

chapter 1

Steve looked down at this stomach. It was pushed out and aching from the food that was in it. He looked at the plate in front of him, and saw a generous helping of mac and cheese still sitting on his plate. A tear formed in his cheek, and he wished he could escape here but as he wrestled against the cuffs holding his wrists and ankles to this chair, he knew he could not escape.
"Please, let me go. I don't wanna be force-fed anymore. I just wanna go home." He yelled out to the kitchen where the sounds of footsteps told him that soon he would be eating again.
Into the room walked an older woman, she had listed her age online as 42, but looking at her Steve knew that she must be at least 50. Her red hair was greying and fell around her shoulders loosely. She dressed well, a blouse was tucked into a skirt that made its way to her ankles. Steve however could not focus on any of that. For underneath her blouse were two enormous breasts that filled out the blouse. Steve almost forgot how much his tummy hurt for a little bit while he looked at it. She knew it, of course.
"Gosh honey its not been that long. Your doing so well. Don't worry the next pan will be the last one." She said, smiling sweetly at him.
Steve looked at the table and saw three empty pans already. When Steve had arrived, he had eaten two of the pans on his own, except for about a quarter of the second, which he pretended not to be able to eat so she could feed it to him. She didn't though, she had merely expressed her belief that he could do it. Then she brought out a third pan, and now she was saying there was a fourth.
"I swear, I won't be able to get a fourth in me." Steve said, pleading with her, his eyes not leaving her breasts.
"Sweetie, let's not think too much right now, okay?" She walked up behind him, gently caressed his head and soon it was pressed firmly against her chest. He opened his mouth and looked up at her. She grabbed the spoon and brought some up to his mouth. That spoonful went in and then another came up.
"Can't we just stop please and eat more later?" Steve looked up and was eye to eye with her.
She did not respond, but in went another spoonful of mac and cheese as Steve talked. It went on that way, until that plate and then that pan was empty. His head never left its place squished into her chest. She knew full well how hard Steve must have been. She had let him keep his underwear on, but it left little to the imagination.
After two pans of the mac and cheese Steve stood up and said, "Listen this is nice, and I love the food, but I'm so full, how about I just go home and try again a different day?"
She pushed him over the table, and began to wallop his butt with her hand. She didn't speak, did not answer his pleas for mercy, she merely spanked him, over and over, until tears flowed down his cheeks. She sat him up and took off his clothes, all except the underwear. Then she had strapped him to the chair.
Steve's eyes got heavy as all three pans of mac and cheese filled him up. He blacked out, his head hanging limply. He slept and lost himself to time.
He woke up in a strange bed, barely aware he had fallen asleep. He found sweatpants on a chair near the bed, with a note, "Put these on baby."
Steve looked under the covers, and found that he was naked. Just then shock filled his body as he realized she must have taken off his underwear. A thought formed in his head, "Don't you want her to do that?"
"Yeah, but I don't know, I'm scared." He thought back to himself.
He stood up out of bed and put the sweatpants on. He wasn't sure how she did it, but as soon as they slid up and over his bottom she yelled from downstairs, "Come on down for breakfast sweetie."
"I don't have a shirt." Steve said down to her, "Wait, breakfast?"
"I didn't stutter, just come on down." She said, a tender sweetness in her voice. Steve did as he was told. He heard the crackle of bacon on the stove, his nose filled with the smell of butter.
Steve walked nervously down the stairs and looked at the landing as if it was on fire. He saw the chair there in the dining room, the cuffs for his wrists and ankles still hanging from it from the night before. Now though it had an addition, he saw a large strap around the middle of the chair.
Steve went into the kitchen and said, "Good Morning, you never told me your name? I don't remember?"
Steve gasped though when he saw the two plates of bacon, a plate of sausage, and more pancakes then he had ever seen. "You know who I am, right?" As she turned around, Steve noticed that she wasn't wearing a top, her breasts were loose and hidden only by the apron. "Go sit in the chair baby."
Steve sighed and sat in his chair in the dining room and soon her felt the large strap go across his middle securing him quite securely to the chair. Next came the ankle straps, left along were his hands. She soon came out and started putting plate of plate of food on the table. After all the food and butter and things were there on the table, she sat down across from him. However, before he started eating she removed her apron and let her breasts flow freely out in the open.
Steve was transfixed. He could barely move, and his erection came right back. She said to him, "As long as you're eating my breasts will stay out. If you stop, they go away for a second."
Steve never figured out why he was so forward, but the next words out of his mouth were, "I wanna suck on them." He instantly turned cherry red and she just smiled and mimed an eating gesture.
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Aquarius64 6 years
This has great potential. Please carry on...
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Perfect set 5 star
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Great stuff. Instant classic!
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Oh my. This is hawt!
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Good start :-)