Three hots, a cot, and a thot

chapter 1

Kaylee Walters was the girl every guy in her high school wanted. Even after she quit cheerleading the summer after her junior year, she remained petite and desirable by most of society's standards. Her long, brown hair cascaded down round, but not quite plump cheeks and over her bony shoulders. Below her collar bones, there were two near perfectly symmetrical breasts; each were perky C cups. Her six pack abs had long vanished after her cheerleading days, however there was still a fine line down the middle of her abdomen which amplified her scrawniness. The only reason I call her petite instead of scrawny is how relatively thick and creamy her thighs and ass were.
What I wanted more than anything was to place each thigh over my shoulder and eat her pussy until she came. I always hoped she'd fall in love with me after that, so I would be able to fatten her up to my liking. Sadly, that didn't happen back in our high school days. All I got to see back then was the tight, firm cheerleading ass grow maybe a few inches in circumference and plateau, making my chances at getting with her even slimmer than before.
As time went on, however, my chances grew much greater. Kaylee ended up ditching her preppy clique out of boredom. She seemed to suffer from teenage rebellion later than most adolescents. At 17, she started hanging out with the stoners. She'd come to class senior year super stoned. I remember seeing her at graduation, still glistening in her tan, tight skin, and feeling so upset that the munchies didn't add a few pounds onto her. Her ass even got smaller for some reason, probably because her parents took back the car they gave her when she quit playing sports. She'd always cry about that, I remember. Entitled bitch.
After graduation, I didn't see her for a while. But one day, I saw her at a frat party. She had this big ass bag of pills she was selling. I asked her what they were to strike up conversation and she replied, "Which ones? I got Adderall, Molly, Xans, and I got weed too." I had actually ran out of weed the same day, so I asked her if I could check it out. Then, we go back to her NICE ass car. It was a decked out Subaru Impreza. This was only a little over a year after I saw her pouting and complaining in the hallways about her parents taking away her car. So, I asked her if she bought her Subaru herself, to which she replied, "Fuck yeah, I have ten thousand dollars in this bag alone, and I sell at least three of these every week."
I was actually impressed at the transformation in her personality. 'What a go-getter,' I thought. 'Now if only that little body of hers would transform...'

That night, we smoked a few joints and talked in her car until the sun came up. She wasn't flirtatious at all, and she had actually lost weight since I had seen her at graduation, but I still couldn't help drooling a little bit. I felt self conscious because I knew I was going to the police academy the following Spring, and if she knew that, I'd only ever see her in handcuffs...
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Ianmoone 6 years
If y'all enjoyed this concept, check out a real life example: Kayla Mendoza. Her story is not only nice to jerk it to, it's a friendly reminder to not fucking drive drunk.
QuebecFA 6 years
I really loved this story! I would love a sequel where she gets out of prison and continues to keep growing fatter! :-)
Twigzybird 6 years
Loved the story! Hope to see it continue