Total recall

Chapter 1 - dream

*The Fantasy Feeder is inside a spaceship*

TFF: Hello Fantasy Feeder know this is FANTASY Feeder right? Not all fantasies are just that, some fantasies can come true. This one may or may not have. I call this story....TOTAL RECALL.

"Please...please feed me more...I want more...I'm getting so huge but I want more. Yes...feed me Doug!

Melina opened her mouth to receive another portion of chocolate cake. As Doug crammed another slice into her mouth she chewed and gobbled. Her quivering face fat bouncing as she chewed and swallowed. Her hazel eyes sparkled in the candlelight as Doug gazed into them in between shallowes. She was going to ask for even more cake when Doug had yet another slice already on the way into her mouth. She chewed as pieces of cake began falling onto her huge breasts which jutted out nearly a foot down to her enormous belly,

The couch began collapsing under her girth, she had to have been about 500 pounds now. Her magnificent Italian ass was now taking up space on all 3 couch cushions and had flattened them all. As she sank deeper and deeper and her belly expanded further and further out toward her knees, Doug got hornier and hornier.

As she chewed and swallowed the last bit of cake she began panting and girating. "Please Doug....f*ck me! f*ck me so hard. f*ck your fatty. Please....Please Doug!"

Doug pushed the cart away, cleaned Melina off a bit then quickly unbuckled his pants. He lowered them as he managed to spread Melina's giant thighs apart. Her underwear had given way 200 pounds ago and as he positioned himself to enter her he began to feel himself pulsate even more. He girated his hips and felt his long, hard cock penetrate Melina's vagina. Her eyes bulged wide as he entered her and she began to moan. He had to lift her enormous belly higher to get deeper penetration and she panted and thrusted her own massive hips to match his rhythm. He arched his back and began to feel himself ready to cum.

"F*ck me Doug. F*ck me! Doug........Doug....Doug....DOUG!...Douggggg!!!!&q uot;

The last scream caused Doug to jolt awake and neary fall out of bed. He looked over his shoulder to see his wife Lori with her arms folded and a grumpy look on her face. She was staring directly at his crotch which revealed a full fledged erection.
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Nok 11 years
great idea
David The Ge... 11 years
omg please keep going, this is great
Reflection O... 11 years
A lot more to come if i ever get free time to finish
Bobbyfad 11 years
Part 2 would be awesome
Juicy 11 years
Definitely. Keep going.