Unexpectedly expecting

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BellyLuvr84 5 years
Finally got unstuck! And it turns out that the fitting room girl at the lingerie store was a lesbian with a thing for MILFs! Seeing where it goes now...we know at some point she has to go into labor, so what's gonna happen?
Womansbellyl... 7 years
Would definitely appreciate an ending to the story!
Womansbellyl... 7 years
It would be nice to wrap up the story one way or another!
Bellylovinboy 7 years
That was an amazing story! Love the detail you put into her growing belly smiley
Womansbellyl... 7 years
By all means have her leave her house again, THIS time feeling and dressing as if she is totally in love with her new-found expanding body. I also notice a bit of age progression in the story. Keep it up, it's VERY erotic!!
Womansbellyl... 7 years
I think ultimately you have to let her really ENJOY her growing body, letting her become more and more aware of every inch of her expanded self, realizing just how sensual being that size can be!!
Darkwarrior 8 years
She needs to binge like crazy, maybe like curseddeath said order a pizza or 10 and have a previously unsuspected feeder/preg-loving friend help her really push her limits.
Wadegain 8 years
After ordering a pizza, You should have one of her friends bring it to her and see that's she's pregnant. Her friend should freak out and after her shift go back to jessica's house and help her deal with the problem.
BellyLuvr84 8 years
What should she do next with her pregnant self? Go out again? Stay in? Keep binge eating? She's got one more day left to herself before her parents get home. Help me out guys!
Coastie15 9 years
Fantastic more please
BellyLuvr84 10 years
I'm toying with the idea of her trying to go out in public or maybe a friend making an unannounced visit to check on her and see if she's alright. Would that ruin the story?
BellyLuvr84 10 years
check out the other story I wrote called "Kelly's Big Secret" Last I looked it was up to 20,481 views!
Escape60 10 years
A great story so far, I'd certainly be interested in seeing more. Great work!
Built4com4t 10 years
a wonderful, sensual fantasy...well written! thank you