Kelly's big secret

chapter 1 kelly the miracle

Kelly was a big girl. When I say big, I mean BIG. Well, sometimes. Here is her incredible story....

Ever since Kelly was a young girl, she always loved to eat in excessive amounts. She loved the feeling of stuffing herself until her belly muscles strained and ached, and her little girl tummy poked out like she was pregnant. As a child she was plump, but not excessively fat. Her friends never made fun of her, but simply knew it was her, it was the way she was; and she wouldn't change her appearance for anyone except for herself. She loved her body and loved to watch it change as she grew from a girl into a woman. How lucky she felt to be a female of the human species! Someday, she would be able to create new life within her!

Kelly didn't know when her obssession started. It started when she was very young. Like, toddler age. She remembers when her mother had her younger brother. She was about three when her Mom first told her she was gonna have another baby. Kelly didn't understand, she thought babies came from storks. She didn't know they grew inside a grown up girl's tummy. She saw her mother eating more and more every day, and getting more and more tired as her tummy got bigger. She wondered why her mommy was eating so much, and why her tummy was getting so big.

The conversation went something like this.

"Mommy?" "Yes, pumpkin?" "Why is your tummy getting so big?" "Well, Kelly... Your mommy and daddy decided to have another baby, like you. And we had to go to the baby store and mommy had to take a magic baby pill. And now your mommy has a baby inside her." "But, Mommy, how did it get in your tummy? Did you eat it?" She laughed. "No, honey, your Daddy put it in here. He wanted another little baby so much so he gave me something so I could make one." "That's nice. So it's growing inside your tummy now, mommy?" "Yes." "When will it come out?" "When it gets big enough. It has to grow from a tiny little seed and it has to be taken care of and fed like a flower" "Can I grow one in the ground like a flower mommy? Can I grow a baby in Mommy's garden?" (laughter) "No, honey, this baby seed only grows inside Mommy." " big is it gonna get inside you before it's ready to come out Mommy?" "I don't know honey. We'll have to wait and see"

" you like it inside your tummy? Does it feel good to grow a baby?" "Not always, dear. Sometimes it hurts Mommy. Sometimes it makes Mommy sick. Sometimes Mommy has to throw up because the seed makes mommy sick. And sometimes it comes alive and it can move. It can move inside Mommy and Mommy can feel it" "Is it moving now, Mommy? Can I feel it? Can I feel the baby seed in your tummy?"

Mommy said "Sure, honey." Mommy leaned back against the wall, lifted up her shirt and rolled it up under her bra, and slowly pulled down her elastic pants waistband and her white cotton flowery, lacy underwear. Her belly was very light beige, and the size of a blown up beach ball. It looked like a balloon full of air. There were some pretty pink streaks on her belly around her belly button, which was poking out a little bit from the pressure. Her tummy looked very soft. Like a big pillow, or a pink marshmallow. Little Kelly wanted to bounce up and down on it. It was very big around. Mommy's legs were crossed. Her thighs were a little chubby and spread out on her bed.

Kelly took in a deep breath and gasped in wonder. She was awed by the sight of such a big tummy. The big pink balloon got a little bigger and smaller, moving slowly up and down as Mommy breathed.

Kelly said "Wow, Mommy. Your tummy is so big and bouncy. Can I touch you? Can I touch your tummy, Mommy?"

Mommy said yes. "Of course, sweetie." "Anywhere?" "Yes, honey. Anywhere. Mommy likes it when people touch Mommy's tummy. Just be gentle, don't hurt Mommy. Mommy's tummy is very sensitive."

Kelly reached out a stubby finger and playfully poked Mommy's belly. It looked soft, but it was very hard. She spread out her tiny hand with its dimpled knuckles and placed her hand on Mommy's huge tummy. It was almost as big as Kelly was sitting on her lap. In fact Mommy's lap had gotten smaller; her tummy was getting bigger and covering up her legs.

Kelly's tiny hand moved along Mommy's pale, soft skin, stretched so tight. She pushed on it a little...and it moved! A tiny bump or a bulge appeared on one side of Mommy's big tummy. It moved around a bit, in a circle, then went back in. Kelly giggled. 'It moved, Mommy! I made your tummy move all by itself!" Giggling. "Yes, you did honey. The baby felt your hand touching Mommy and he moved for you." "Wowwwww" little Kelly breathed.

Mommy spoke again. "Hey Kelly, sweetie. Wanna see Mommy's tummy do something funny?" "Sure Mommy! What does your tummy do?"

Mommy chuckled and said, "Alright, babe. Mommy's gonna lay down on the bed so you can see better." Mommy pushed herself down on the bed, so her head was resting on her pillow and she was laying flat on her back. Kelly climbed off her lap and sat cross-legged on the bed. She watched, her head held up by her arms under her little dimpled chin.

Mommy's belly was sticking straight up, and rising and falling when Mommy breathed. "Okay. Kelly...I want you to tickle mommy's belly, okay? Make Mommy laugh as hard as she can" "Okay!" Kelly leaned forward and tickled Mommy right in her sensitive spot around her belly button, where the pretty pink stripes were.

Mommy immediately started to squirm and giggle, and laugh. She pulled up her chubby legs and her belly heaved up and down. It pushed out further and further. And then something really weird happened. Mommy's belly button suddenly popped out! It went from innie to outie! Kelly squealed with delight and laughed in her toddler laugh. As Mommy heard Kelly's laugh, she laughed even harder. Her belly stuck out more and her navel went in and out, up and down, in and out like a whack-a-mole! Her belly shook with laughter, it was like a bowl full of jell-O. Or like a water balloon bouncing up and down. Kelly placed both her fat little hands on Mommy's tummy and she calmed down. Her belly button went back in. Kelly was still giggling with delight and amusement. "That was a good trick, Mommy! Heeheehee!"
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BellyLuvr84 12 years
parts of it are supposed to make yous ay WTF
CrowsEye 12 years
The beginning bits were weird...and made me uncomfortable. Otherwise, a good WG story, not terribly written, and that's definitely somethin'.
Fluffyhead 12 years
What, no comments? Really enjoyed this well written mammoth offering. Thank you