Walk tease

Chapter 1 - walk tease

"Im too fat to even consider walking!" haha Racheal chuckled "Baby I sweat trying to reach my snacks on the bedstand!" "Holding all this weight up is quite a task" she said flapping her arms making her massive rolls of arm fat jiggle and bounce. "But baby I think itd be sexy if you tried to stand up and walk a bit!" Jessica replied. "Its been 4 months now since I haven't been able to get out of bed?" "And you've been feeding me like a pig since then which has definatly put some more weight on me since I aint exactly working it off!" Rachel said stlightly shaking her belly lightly with her hand even this she made look tiring and like an effort. "You remember the night before I couldn't get out of bed you weighed me at 638 pounds? Beautiful I know but Im gonna be a naughty feeder and wacth you struggle my piglet. Too fat to get outta bed you say? Ill show you too fat to get outta bed my sweet. Im gonna fatten you like a pig for market. As of now all your portions are doubled and if you whine about it or refuse to roll outta bed and waddle jiggling for me now its triple portions. Ill make arms so fat you cant even left them to scratch yourself yet alone get food to your plump lips.. Im gonna make you so fucking fat your thighs will be 4 feet around and cant help put push each other apart. Im gonna to make you're my token blimp softy. So fucking fat lying on your back your will belly arch up 5 feet off the bed, protecting your gorged fupa keeping that special pudge hidden and so soft. Your belly will be growing past your knees south towards your ankles, and wobble in waves of sublime erotic beauty every breath you take. Im gonna show you what full really is chunky! Pounds of food my sweet. Pounds and pounds of all the most delightful calorie heavy food from the second you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. Oh my sweet little round lady, soon youll never need to take a step again for I shall make sure next time you say your too fat to walk. Its true and stays that way.
Love the fat filled life we are gonna have is divine! Now get your fatass up and waddle over here! Or triple portions! Although triple portions wasn't a bad thing really because she was looking forward to being pinned to this California king size reinforced bed by the sheer weight of all her blubber. Her wet pussy told her to try anyway because she knew how hot it would be for her and Jessica if she shuffled about out of breath from a few steps. Alright Hun but you better keep to your promise ! If I walk and do certain physical acts for you babe you enjoy it and savoir every moment remember everyone of my last steps, because there is a limited amount left. So tease me and make me walk why I still can. Place food on the otherside of the room and make me work for it. Smack my ass and lift my belly as I pant for air leaning against the wall, begging to eat! Oh you are so naughty baby making me walk for the last times struggling to make the simpliest movements as im stuffed to capacity or starving for a meal. You make me enjoy fattening off my feet by making me see how much each pound gained slows me and makes me heavier and closer to never struggling again. Making a women so obese walking is almost obsolete do simple task not only out of its utter sexiness but to have her enjoy her last troubles of movement. And to have her strive to be immobile even quicker to be done with pesky walking for good and mount your permanent throne. Racheal heaved with one big attempy flailing her arms forward trying to reach the sitting up position. Failing right back after only lifting up a couple inches. WHOO! She panted. Huhuhu.. lemme..... try again she tried to lean forward with all her might. No go she slumped back into her hill of pillows. "baby I really don't think I can anymore! Its too hard baby! My only strong muscles are in my mouth everything else is mush now!" Ughhhh! She grunted pushing forward coming barely off the bed only to land again send ing shock waves of fat ripples throughout her entire body. "Oh miss piggy!" I know you can do it!" "You are quite the heifer my sweet! But not unmovable! Not yet atleast! We get to play with the last of your mobility! Ironic that the food you will barely be able to waddle to, well make you stop waddling completely! Oh your gonna walk until you cant lift your arms!
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Chrysophase2003 9 years
It's nice but you need to work on punctuation. A single block of text with no paragraph breaks is a pain to read.