Weekend body retreat

chapter 1

It was Friday afternoon and everyone at work was preparing to leave the office at their appointed quitting times. As each person was headed out the door they wished Nicole a nice weekend and a few asked her what she was planning to do. At that question Nicole perked up because she was really looking forward to this weekend. Partly because it was a long weekend due to the holiday on Monday, but what she was really excited about was the vacation she had booked months before. What she told people was that she was going on a weekend retreat that focused on her body. As most people knew that Nicole was always trying to lose weight they made the assumption that the retreat was a sort of weight loss program...but that couldn't have been farther from the truth. You see, Nicole had always kept hidden a secret desire to be fat. Not just a little soft and pudgy, but enormously FAT. You know, in a way that hinders your movement. She didn't want to be immobile, but she did want to struggle to get out of chairs. She wanted to see her mountainous belly spread across her legs when she sat, or even hang between her legs because it pushed them to the side. The thought of an apron belly swinging with each step she labored to take would make her shudder with desire, it was a day dream she had frequently and something she tried in vain to replicate when in the privacy of her own home. She often stuffed her loosest and stretchiest clothing with pillows and other padded material to make herself look and feel significantly obese, but it never truly felt real. Also, Nicole had worked very hard to build a career and she loved her job, so she made a choice. She wasn't even close to thin, but she was a socially acceptable weight, overweight to be sure, but not to the point that she would be shunned or that her career would be hindered. And in public she put on a show to always be "trying" to lose weight. She ate salads and went to the gym occasionally. She even would actually lose several pounds every once in a while to make the fa├žade appear real, but she always looked forward to the chocolate she kept stashed at home or the cake she would pick up on her way home from work, or the donuts she'd dash out to buy on Saturday mornings, a whole dozen she'd eat all by herself enjoying each decadent fat ridden bite. And as she ate she would imagine herself growing bigger with each bite. Her chin dropping and doubling, her gut pushing out and folding over her waist band, her ass spreading across the chair, her thighs turning to tree trunks, and the fat wings forming on her arms. But alas it really was a fantasy. She could play with the fat she carried, but it paled in comparison to what she dreamed.
But this weekend would be different! At the beginning of the year Nicole was exploring several fat admiration websites searching for stories that could help her indulge her fantasies when an ad popped up that caught her eye. At the time she had been thinking about what kind of vacation she should plan for the year and this ad sounded like something that she would really enjoy. It offered to give someone a very real FAT experience over a long weekend. The ad said the participant would be fitted with an extremely realistic fat suit that moved, felt, and actually weighed the size the participant chose. The vacation was at an all-inclusive resort and only participants in the program would be there. All room, board, and clothing was provided. The fat suit was said to be so realistic the participant could do anything they wanted at their new size including swimming. When Nicole read the details she didn't know how it was possible, but she was going to find out. She immediately clicked on the link to book her trip. It was expensive, but it was also all-inclusive! She had to fill out a questionnaire providing several details about herself, her height, current weight and clothing sizes, her skin tone, hair color, and most importantly, the weight and body type she desired to be during her vacation. Nicole knew she wanted to gain another 200 pounds which would put her over 400 pounds! And she also knew an enormous belly was a must. She also asked that fat be evenly distributed across the rest of her body as well. She wanted to look very realistic with her belly being the most prominent.
After completing the questionnaire and paying for her vacation weekend Nicole then had to wait. It was so difficult. On the weekends when she would stuff her clothes, she imagined herself even bigger in a swimsuit floating in a big pool along with other big beautiful people. She knew when it happened, she wouldn't feel out of place, because everyone there would feel the same way she did.
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Nok 7 years
love that idea. fun and sexy