When hunger returns

chapter 1

(based off true events)

She was a skinny girl who had been dieting for several months now. As many were unaware, however, she had once been rather fat since she had problems with some food addiction. She really did love nothing more than the taste of good, salty, sweet and fatty foods, but the last time she'd really indulged in these her weight had ballooned out of control. Since then, she had worked hard for months to shrink her waistline back down to a more manageable level and fit into much smaller clothes again, getting her tummy back to being slim and flat and maintaining a rather slender figure.

One day however, she just found herself feeling tired after a long day shopping, so she bought a small bottle of Coke to give her some energy back, and a bag of chocolate-covered marshmallows to treat herself. Getting home, she laid lack on her couch and started munching away on the sweets. They tasted so good, and she remembered how much she missed the taste of food like this, and how for so long she'd kept exercising and starving herself more to just keep her figure skinny. As she did this, she absent mindedly didn't notice she seemed to be eating more of the snacks than she had planned.

Before long, she'd finished off the whole packet of chocolate-covered marshmallows and the bottle of Coke. Her formerly flat tummy was now a bit bloated out from the indulging. Rubbing it, she could feel the roundedness and fullness from her eating. And something about it felt good. Something about it brought some memories back, and she started to feel herself get a bit hungry again. At first she told herself that no, she should just lie back there and digest, but the feelings of hunger in her mind were getting a bit too strong to ignore. She got up and went to the kitchen to look for more food to eat.

Going out to the kitchen, she decided to fry up some bacon with cheese and toast. As the bacon sizzled on the stove, she smelt how good it was. She'd always loved it and it brought back some good memories for her. As the toast popped out of the toaster, she could find herself hardly waiting to eat. She quickly put the meal together, then sat down and stuffed her face with it. Afterwards she laid back again, rubbing her even fuller belly after that meal. Her tummy had a rounded, slightly pregnant look to it, and she closed her eyes and relaxed in kind of a state of bliss.

And yet she still found she wanted more. While she was relaxing, she did feel in some way she had some more energy, probably from all the Cola and other foods currently in her belly. All the dieting she had done often left her rather tired and feeling a bit drained. She'd thought it was worth it because she could maintain her skinny figure, but she was starting to change her mind on it. She'd liked being skinny, but it was hard to enjoy at all because the act of dieting just made her feel so crappy and tired all the time. Maybe she could gain just a little weight and get away with it.

That wouldn't be too bad. She just wouldn't be as skinny anymore, but she would still be slim, having just more of a solid figure. Getting back up, she decided she might get some pizza for dinner. Maybe with some ice cream after too for a nice cold treat. She'd always loved strawberry ice cream. Or maybe she would get chocolate, she didn't know. There were a lot of possibilities for her to look into. Over the next couple of weeks, she continued to eat like this, and slowly her tummy was getting fatter again, softer, widening out. She didn't care anymore though, she just wanted her good food.
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Yeet123 6 years
MikeTehCakeBoy 6 years
Excellent work here. I really enjoy reading about how greedy and naughty this woman is and how fat and chubby she grows with each deviously delicious bite smiley I would love to see her end up as big as a couch smiley
Dicklovesbabs 6 years
Huh. Interesting. This could really work as a sequel to "Appetite," but in any case, it's a fantastic piece. Thank you for sharing. ☺
Sir Saphiel 6 years
Thank you! smiley This one is unrelated to my last story, and it is based on some true events.
Dicklovesbabs 6 years
Wonderful work. Is this by any chance a sequel to your last story?
Bradypig 6 years
Love it!