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"Elaborate by 'more than' normal" replied Hexe as her eyes sparked in enthuasm over the soon to be description of the latest pig.

"Well..." Trailed Giselle "you know how last time we had a feast, the pig barely fit in his cage?"

There was a buzz of anticipation in the council hall. A hushed awe of going past the specified limit. "He... uh... can't fit."

"Unacceptable!" Came a shout from the crowd "If he's too big for the cage, he's too big to roast!"

"I know, I know!" Reassured Giselle as she held up her arms "that just means he'll have to be carved up before we cook. And you know how the books specify on the best flavor"

"'Plucked at the height of hedonism'" quoted Hexe as the doors creeked open, the sound of a ventilator pumping and forcing oxygen could be heard against the squabbles of the coven. A large biatric bed was wheeled in by a spotted succubi wearing a nurses outfit, giggling as she took pride in her... hand grown confection.

"Thank you Kandi" Giselle replied as the hellspawn tended to bedbound blob, rubbing his tummy and whispering sweet things into his ear. A dazed moan could be heard followed by the muffle of food going down his throat.

The cries of "too big!" And "he'll expire before we can properly prepare!" Contrasted against "look at that marbled flesh" and "he's all soft and ready to burst! echoed through the chamber.

Hexe raised her hand for silence

"As you can see, this mortal is well beyond our usual tollerance. We rarely let them grow so corpulent. But we have a solution. Invite all of the council by next hallow's eve, and we shall have a grand feast. Giselle?"


&quo t;Summon as much help as you can, this needs to be the fattest mortal we've ever grown by feasting time."

"Yes, of course"

"Put him in the Dungeon below!" Declared Hexe as the Succubi wheeled out the mountanious pile. "The stores down there should suffice for his intended size."

"You hear that fatty?" Charmed Kandi as she stared into the big fat boy's eyes. Her own pepperment irises swirling as she drew him further into his trance. Her dainty hands exploring his blubbery rolls as she popped another sweet into his mouth. "You're going to be the most delicous treat ever prepared!"
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"We're going to give that pathetic lard clogged heart its daily workout." 😍
fatlilboy 2 weeks
Great....great! Love it so much - please please continue - fatten him slowly like you will eventually roast him - nice and fat - nice and slow!
Kinky fun...please dont stop
sokotron 2 weeks
loved it, I hope there is another chapter and more descriptions of the fat guy, maybe how he came to this situation !
FatPrey 2 weeks
amazing! so looking forward to the next chatpers! Its just what porkers like we are good for smiley
Love it!