Rendering immobile

Chapter 1 - the interview

"Are you sure about this? It's funny, after all usually I don't consider someone so skinny for this practice." She remarked over her cup of coffee. Eyes gazing back at his plate as he struggled to finish the meal she had ordered him. Way too much for a chubby, barely overweight man like him. She estimated that he'd be sick if he kept up on this pipe dream. He hadn't the training, nor the capacity nor the tolerance like her last select few, let alone her successors.

"Please" he begged between gasping bites "Please I want this"

"Well, alright. Just do me this one favor and then I'll give you my offer." She called over the waitress and placed an order, watching his reaction turn from exasperated horror of his tightening and overburdened stomach to doe-eyed lust. Even when the server walked away had returned to the meal with renewed gusto, pushing past every warning sign in his body as his abdomen swelled to sizes it was never meant to. He was breaking his limit in front of her, in public, at the idea that she would even entertain him. Not even a guarantee...

A trigger like that could be very useful.

By the time the new order arrived he was wheezing again more harshly, a few of the other customers turned their heads wondering what was making such a strained and labored noise but they largely ignored it.

"do you need a doggy bag?" The server asked gesturing to the large glass.

"No need." She replied. "We'll ask for a to-go..." Her glare at the potential porker was like ice, one of demanding control and need. Like an unspoken order. "...if we have to."

As soon as the server walked away to attend another, he had seized the chalice. It was a large milkshake, nothing too big on its own, but upon the cacophony of food he had just forced himself into, he wasn't so sure.

"drink up, boy" she commanded, her controlling stare enticing him "finish this and I'll be sure to give you that test.

"in a minute" he replied gasping as she gazed upon him. Gently he unbuckled his pants from under the table, allowing him more room to consume. "I want to be clear of something first"

"Fine" she replied slightly disappointed, meanwhile, he used his own hands to rub and settle his bulging stomach, trying to get it to relax for this trial challenge.

"So we're talking a full week and if I pass..."

He began while both of his hands grasped the sides of the ice-cold treat.

"-you'll have to be ready by the end of that week and willing." She finished "This isn't just some fantasy. This will be an eventual reality for you. Doing it this soon, even before you're big enough to attempt is practically a failure unto itself."

There was a pause to let the weight of her words sink in. "However, if you finish this shake. I'll do my best to give you a taste of that reality."

"Deal" he replied dowing the treat in a rather quick motion letting out a large burp before slumping into his chair. The sheer mass of his stomach pinning him in place has he moaned and groaned in pain and pleasure.

"How did you-" she asked, perplexed

"Had to wait for it to thaw. No way I could have chugged it if it was still solid."

There was a smirk on her lips "Fine, take a week off from work, we'll start on a Saturday Night. You know the details."

"Oooff... Yeah" he burped "it's a date"
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