A tour of the facility

Chapter 1 - applying and processing

Welcome to the facility tour, here we create the finest products for consumer use. As you may be aware our product is hand selected and grown to absolute specification. Unlike traditional methods, we make sure our stock is kept docile with repetitive audio and constant stimulation to make sure no energy is expended on their part during the growing process.

We start with the application process. First we check, analyzing out potential investments qualities: social media, eating habits, dating results... Then an invite is sent out from one of our recruiters to determine if the potential product is worth it. If accepted, more interviews are held to determine if there is an attraction between product and recruiter. After an extensive screening process, culminating in a week long aptitude test of meal interviews. The product is then put to a stage of mental conditioning in order to unlock its full potential. At this point the recruiter is temporarily side promoted to handler.

The process is very humane, the product is hand fed and pleasured in order to associate food with reward for a week. This enables us to determine how susceptible the product is and a rough estimate on how far we can grow it on a case by case basis. Capacity testing and processing occurs right after. It starts with 4 days of morning stretches. During this time the product's stomach is slowly stretched to maximum capacity with a no calorie electrolytic compound. This is to lower the metabolism and to maximize stomach capacity. At noon the stretching stops and the product is given a massage to stimulate hunger. 3 hours later when the metabolism is at its lowest the products are then force fed until midnight. On the fifth day its a normal feeding with the handler. The 6th is a full 24 hour belly stretch on the no calorie solution, followed with the 7th being 24 hours on the tube feed. This goes on for another two weeks. During this entire 28 day process the product is kept at constant stimulation when at capacity. Only allowed to achieve full pleasure as a reward at the handler's discretion.

From this point the product has become an investment and property of the facility. After a month of hand feeding, exercise and encouragement from the handlers, the investments are then moved to the second stage: assignment and repositioning.
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Funneladdict 1 year
Simply the fat I'm seeking. I would love this stuffing facility. With no escape.
TheBellyAppr... 7 years
I really like the way this is turning out. Keep it up!
PopThePig 7 years
Thanks for the comments, I'll keep at it when I come up with new material.