Chapter 1 - exercise

"Come on, big boy" teased the Succubus as she effortlessly began to lift the blob off the bed despite his groaning protests. "It's time for your daily workout!"

The small and buxom succubus quickly began to shackle up the pig's arms with a chain and hoisted them to the ceiling. Leaving the enormous man in a standing position that he normally would not be able to be in under his own power. His bulk simply would have not let him.

"That's right, porker." She whispered into his ear, giving it a little nibble as she cupped one of his massive breasts, savoring the wheezing labored moan as she teased his nipple with her thumb. "We're going to give that pathetic lard clogged heart its daily workout. I do hope you like stretches!" She teased as she used her free hand to place a tube in his mouth. "Because this workout is going to test your limits!

He could feel her reaching under his massive apron of a belly as she smeared something down below. Half consciously listening to her remarks of "look at those thighs!" And "I see the rest of you has plumped up too!"

Instinctively he began to suck on the hose, a creamy mixture pleasing to the tongue, went down and into his stomach. "That's a good fatty" teased Kandi as she popped back up from tummy, resuming his massage as she held a bulb with a tube that lead under him. Listening to him moan as a suction was applied to his privates with every pump. "The bigger you get, the more girthy ill make you. By the time you're ready to eat, that burried cock will be all mine, bloated and plumped to perfection."

The pig was sweating, she gave his chins a lick. "Mmmm delicious." Another pump, another moan. "I can't wait 'till months from now, how big and helpless you'll be fatty. Plumped up on all those witchy treats and my care, you could easily become the fattest mortal ever to exist..." she trailed as she applied more pumps to the bulb, enjoying his cries as his tummy kept rising. "And maybe if you are a good pig... i'll let you cu-"

"Kandi!" Roared Giselle as she entered the dungeon chamber. Her eyes wild as she took in the display of hedonism before her. A big apron of a belly which normally would have sagged to mid calf, ballooned into a round ball that rested just below the knees. A deep navel now a shallow indent on the orb before her from digesting all those sweets. A massive bloated planet swirled with red lines over its celestial mass loomed, with a comical tube placed under neath and down his throat.

"I thought I told you not to start without me!"

A sheepish grin curled around the Succubus's face as she held up a contraption of leather and tubing for the witch to wear.

"Oh don't worry, Giselle, hes just being prepped." The witch began to strip down while the deamoness strapped the device around her thighs, giving the shaft a little rub, causing it to squirt a little bit of the formula they had prepared.

"Eager, are we?" Kandi asked as she began to lube up the pig's rear.

"Mhmm." Agreed the witch as she began to play with the strap-on, admiring the tail that coursed to the pump of fattening potion. "You know how I love my food to be... double stuffed"
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Chrysophase2003 7 years
This is twisted beyond belief. I love it.
GrowingLoveH... 7 years
If anything I wrote helped inspire this, . . .

Then, I need to write more.
Giantjay 7 years
Loving your dark, twisted vision! Would love to see more. smiley
Afatpandapig 7 years
"We're going to give that pathetic lard clogged heart its daily workout." 😍
Fatlilboy 7 years
Great....great! Love it so much - please please continue - fatten him slowly like you will eventually roast him - nice and fat - nice and slow!
Built4com4t 7 years
Kinky fun...please dont stop
Hansel4witch 7 years
amazing! so looking forward to the next chatpers! Its just what porkers like we are good for smiley