call me fatty

2 hours ago
by switch73, 1 chapter, bbw weightgain
Fat fantasy by FFA
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the college gain

2 days ago
by Jdenim, 6 chapters, bhm eating and stuffing
George is new in college and has to share a room with this guy named Zachary. Zachary is in the culinary major and asks George if he wants to taste test done if his food. He agrees but what George didn't know is that Zachary constantly makes new dishes th
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blind date

2 days ago
by JadeDent, 2 chapters, bbw eating and stuffing
A blind date turns promising when they realize each others true devious desires. Contains messy eating and sexual scenes.
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2 days ago
by Northadox, 2 chapters, bbw weightgain
A shy girl is pressured by her chubby friend to enjoy herself at a party. With the repercussions showing, and her gluttony glowing, will she stop herself or shall she give into it?
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build - a - bear

3 days ago
by lush, 1 chapter, bhm eating and stuffing
You've heard of the toy shop where you can select a bear, dress it in cute clothes and stuff it to just how you like it...well this shop has the same name, but it's not teddy bears you're stuffing.....
546 views, 2 likes, 6 comments
by azerty, 2 chapters, bbw weightgain
Thank you to Hiccupx for the first part and letting me add more chapters. Without the first 8 chapters nothing would have been possible.
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5 days ago
by karlosfy, 4 chapters, bbw weightgain
Thats my first story, and sorry i dont know to write in english as well for write a story. I hope you enjoy! :)
1079 views, 2 likes, 1 comment
by bellyguy1951, 3 chapters, bbw weightgain
Portland Hancock's dreams faded into reality. How would she respond?
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fulfilling desires

1 week ago
by ChaosFA, 4 chapters, bhm eating and stuffing
a short two side view story I started lately - new chapter 21/05
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the fat games

1 week ago
by BlubberLover25, 4 chapters, bbw weightgain
An eccentric billionaire invites ten women to live at his sprawling mansion in the countryside. The catch? They must participate in his twisted contest to see who can gain the most weight in five years. Whoever weighs the most at the end wins $10 million
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