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The struggle...(an essay, no theme or character required)
1 chapter, bhm weightgain
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Pam's obsession with padding ruins her relationship with her boyfriend prompting a move to a new town and an increased exploration of her fetish. Her fantasies start becoming so intensive that she soon carves out a life as a fat girl in a small town.
6 chapters, bbw weightgain
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Ariel and Ripley had become desperately in love with each other when they became aware of their sexual fantasies; sleeping around all day, eating, or standing on the scale became their routine. Only did Ariel realize a little too late about what she'd got
1 chapter, bbw submission and domination
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Meeting on an online website, one may really say that Batman met her Robin; or even more fitting, Batman found her Bruce Wayne, her other half. On this expedition, they find acceptance, and new ideas of what they like. Follow Lexia (Batman) and Carrie (Br
1 chapter, bbw romance
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A young girl gives in to her gluttony after many years of resisting. Leading to a path straight to hell. What did she expect when she made wishes like that.
1 chapter, bbw weightgain
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XWG. Kyla Crane is tired of the men in her life treating her like garbage. With the help of a gleefully vengeful witch (with an affinity for feeding and fattening) she exacts a literal ton of revenge on her cheating, thieving, emotionally abusive boyfrien
1 chapter, ffa submission and domination
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SSBBW Martina Marshall thinks she's the ugliest woman in the world and she thinks no man will want her because of her weight.
1 chapter, bbw romance
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One man's journey from obesity to hyper-obesity
4 chapters, bhm extreme obesity
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Have you ever read the short story "Sylvester's revenge",? I loved and hated it in my youth. I took hints from it, though, it's a feedee's fantasy but not only, there's a lot of mental and physical submission, too, taken also from other more recent online
9 chapters, bbw submission and domination
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Kelly hires a fat nanny thinking her husband would never sleep with a fat woman.
1 chapter, fa romance
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