A girl watches her boyfriend look embarrassingly fat at his court date
2 chapters, straight male
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A girl finally realizes exactly how much weight she let her boyfriend pile on her. WG, humiliation, some sex
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11 hours
A guy watches his growing girlfriend pack on the pounds, and decides he actually prefers it and might want more.:
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As the pounds keep piling on, a couple of closet feeders keep each other in denial, at least at first...
26 chapters, straight female
6203 views, 2 likes, 1 comment
HI, I have read about every story on here and some are amazing. totally amazing. I have been toying with the idea of writing one and... well.. here it is.. well.. the beginning any way. Im not a writer and i know there will be mistakes... i keep slipp
693 views, 0 likes, 3 comments
When two people find out they want to get fat together.
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The story of James, who has been captured by Sophia
1425 views, 10 likes, 3 comments
Sophia didn't take this warning seriously.
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4 days
Married couple Ben and Megan need something to spice up their relationship. A change encounter in a coffee shop kickstarts it
6311 views, 10 likes, 6 comments
Susan plots to get revenge on a serial cheating boyfriend.
5618 views, 5 likes, 2 comments
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