by Natsuki97, 1 chapter, ffa romance
This is a romance story about a transgirl feedee and a feeder girl. I never read a story where one of the characters were trans, and I really would like to read more of these so I decided to make one. I apologize in advance for my English, I hope you unde
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by Humanhelperist, 1 chapter, bbw romance
Maria's dating life. Maria has a thing for acne on women. Maria also has a thing for fat women. Maria enjoys her own acne and her own fat self.
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beth's birthday

2 days ago
by bbwbellyfan, 2 chapters, fa eating and stuffing
I disappointed her but she eats her way through it.
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by ILuvRollsAndFolds, 1 chapter, fa romance
She wants to know what he likes about her weight. He tells her.
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the smokey goddess

3 days ago
by croweyes, 2 chapters, bbw eating and stuffing
An adventure far north and so far fetched you wouldn't believe a word.
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by Humanhelperist, 1 chapter, bbw romance
Kristen is gaining weight, and she breaks out everytime she eats sweet. Kristen is trying so hard to stop eating sweets.
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4 days ago
by curvesrule, 1 chapter, bbw weightgain
An autobiographical tale...can anyone relate?
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1 week ago
by junepearl, 1 chapter, ffa romance
Loosely based on Reign, which is VERY loosely based on history, Mary Queen of Scots and a (now chubby) King of France, after her affair with a Bourbon
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soon to be a santa

1 week ago
by growingabellyforher, 2 chapters, bhm weightgain
How I grew into the role of both a BHM and soon to be a FAT Santa is an interesting but albeit not so complicated tale of romance and food; overindulgence. Feel free to be aggressive in comments and criticisms- just offer something that is productive,
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my last stuffing

1 week ago
by GrowingLoveHandles, 1 chapter, ffa eating and stuffing
Remembering that long-ago pre-Thanksgiving stuffing when Annie was still with me (True Story).
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