Eu não sei inglês então se alguém quiser traduzir eu agradeço mais digam de quem é a história. E se eu ouvir alguém reclamar que tá em português eu entro na sua casa e faço você engolir o PC
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2 weeks
Silly, unrealistic story about a family with a special trait...
7691 views, 10 likes, 2 comments
Brooke has just found out she is pregnant and is terrified about getting a belly but Jessie will grow her own for mutual support.
23147 views, 39 likes, 8 comments
5 months
A young girl finds an unusual new app on her phone that seems to be super natural in nature and begins to wield it against the women in her life for justice and pleasure Updated Daily
68998 views, 38 likes, 13 comments
Each chapter is a short story of a girl getting bigger!
3268 views, 6 likes, 0 comments
The story of James, who has been captured by Sophia
8619 views, 18 likes, 5 comments
A restaurant owner plots to thicken up a naive new waitress, but things spiral out of control when she can't stop eating and grows beyond even his chubby preferences
32161 views, 31 likes, 9 comments
2 months
Thanks to a Christmas miracle a girl has got some more pounds on her hips.
4304 views, 12 likes, 2 comments
A young teen takes a trip to a weight loss clinic in search of help and gets help from someone else
17366 views, 21 likes, 8 comments
A group of young women sign on to become the apprentice of a mysterious and perverted wizard
14241 views, 17 likes, 3 comments
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