My first story, hope you like it
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19 hours
Pearl discovers what she had been missing in her relationship with Sheena after witnessing a messy meal, and comes up with a devious, spur-of-the-moment plan. (Content Warning: Stuffing, Weight Gain, Impaired Mobility, No Sexually Explicit Content)
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Coming close to a conclusion on this one. If you haven't checked this story out, there's lots of mutual gaining, eating, and sex. Jane and David have embraced immobility and it shows.
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After falling for the captivating and curvy Jessica, you become her feedee. Seeing you gain weight causes Jessica's feedee side to emerge.
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a beutiful woman is fattened by her girlfriend who agrees to gain with her
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4 months
Moving to the Netherlands to work on an organic farm, a young American gradually grows Dutch.
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You think you know a story inside and out but to get to the heart of the story you've got to go back to the beginning
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Every Thanksgiving Scott stops hitting the gym and takes to indulging in good eating. He puts on a belly before losing it all by summer, but there's something different about this year...
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We all have that one coworker who is sexy as hell and we flirt with intentionally or not, this is a semi true story about a coworker liking the bigger ladies.
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2 years
John finds a job and as his wallet expands so dose his waist and Mr. Grant pushes him to his edge.
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