2 months
Now, Jessica begins to learn that her boyfriend will be driven to fatten her to an enormous size. Tell me what U think. TY .. JM
15 chapters, 0 female romance
18158 views, 17 likes, 10 comments
3 months
Online dating hides a huge secret, that grows into a sensual romance.
22866 views, 36 likes, 13 comments
2 years
Sarah isn't use to finding guys she's interested in at parties, but one late night at a friend of a friend's house she finds herself unable to stay away from one guest, with mixed results.
38585 views, 31 likes, 34 comments
If Nurse Ratchett was a feedress...
6652 views, 23 likes, 8 comments
What seems like a chance encounter with the girl of his dreams turns into more than he could have ever dreamed for.
56203 views, 48 likes, 18 comments
He fantasised all the time about her growing fat. But who knew he'd find the answer to turn his fantasy into a reality.
2495 views, 9 likes, 1 comment
FA fireman meets the BBW of his dreams
3395 views, 8 likes, 2 comments
Romantic story based on truth, wish fulfillment of meeting an old flame gone from BBW to SSBBW. New chapter added - enjoy.
4385 views, 10 likes, 3 comments
Extrovert SSBBW on the look out r a guy
1251 views, 2 likes, 0 comments
Lexi, a lifetime small town girl, grows fat as the rest of the world keep moving. Her friends take different routs, but wind up even bigger.
7036 views, 19 likes, 1 comment
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