This story is dedicated to my new favorite time-sucker, Fable II.
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10 years
A man soon finds out that an epidemic has hit the state but for some reason, he got it bad. Also contains eating & stuffing
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I went on a vacation to my aunts and I ended up putting on a few more pounds then intended
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a hassled young lady takes a different train with an uinexpected destination (my first BHM romance story, it became rather long I might add ;-))
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11 years
Wills trip to L.A turns an exciting corner when he shares a table with a reclusive gone to seed pop star, someone that Will has dreamed of fattening up for years.....
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A newlywed couple on a trip gains a whole lot more than just romance.
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12 years
I hope your trip is going well. i found your note that you wanted me to write and tell you everything. all my sensations and feelings from our incredible month together. every detail.
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Some guys will do anything to make the team.
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