Claire gets fat

chapter 1

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Claire was an only daughter . Her mom was obese and as was her mom, it ran in the family. They were conservative but not very religious. Claire dieted and worked out as not get gain weight, as she knew she would given the family’s predisposition to obesity. Her dad was pretty heavy too. Mainly as a result of being married to a BBW. It is pretty hard to watch what you eat, when your significant other is gorging themselves.

Claire’s mom admonished her to let go and enjoy herself and not worry about getting fat or obese. But Claire was determined not to get heavy or fat. She loved to wear sexy lingerie and had a fairly serious boyfriend, who was really quite a jerk. This is where the trouble started.

Claire and Dan broke up. As mentioned before Claire loved sexy lingerie and showing off in it as well. When she and Dan broke up, he was pissed and being the jerk that he was, posted some compromising photos of Claire in just her panties. Claire was mortified, she knew if her mom found out she would be furious and Claire would be in serious trouble. For a few days no one was the wiser at home. Claire’s Mom, Carol, was really into eating and cooking. She really did not get on the net at all. Her dad, Chuck did, but no social media sites for him.

Claire started to think she was out of the “woods”, but a busy body friend told Carol that her son had seen some very revealing photos of Claire on the net. Carol had a fit, she went home and immediately confronted Claire.

“Claire, where are you?” she shouted, as she waddled into the house. “I’m right here Mom, what’s the matter?” Claire knew of course, but she hoped against hope that it wasn’t the photos. “Janet Smith told me her son saw dirty pictures of you on the internet! Is that true?” Claire blushed, “Yes Mom they are of me. Dan posted some photos I took of myself to get even for breaking up with him.” “Claire how could you do this.” “Mom, I didn’t post them. I sent them to Dan months ago, he posted them.” That didn’t appease Carol at all. “Claire I’m ashamed of you. Now you are out on the internet looking like a little slut!” “Mom I’m sorry. Those pictures were never meant to be on the net.” “That’s only half the issue young lady! How, why would you take pictures of yourself with almost nothing on in the first place and then share them with a boy! Please go to your room get your skinny little body out of my sight!”

Claire went to her room in tears. She never thought her Mom would be this upset. She knew her dad would be upset too.

Chuck got home and Carol told him what had happened. He was disappointed in Claire, but not as mad as Carol was. “So what do you want to do her for punishment?” Chuck asked. “I want to send her to stay with my Mom indefinitely.” “You know she’ll probably get fat staying with your mom, the way she eats, there is no way Claire could resist.” “I know, that’s the point, let her try to take revealing photos of herself when she’s as big as me.”

The next morning Claire was told to pack her clothes. She was going to stay with grandma. “Mom, please no! I love grandma, but she eats so much! I will get fat if I stay with her!” Pleaded Claire. “You should have thought of that before you went posting dirty pictures of yourself!”

Carol drove Claire to the bus station to go to her Grandmother’s house. “Claire you be nice to your grandma, she loves you, you know.” “I know Mom, but please do I have to go?” “Yes Claire you do, I still very upset with you.”

Claire arrived at her grandmother’s house several hours later. She got a ride out to the house from a neighbor, which Grandma had arranged. On the way, the neighbor made small talk, “I’ve known your family for years.” He said. “You have to be the skinniest one of the family I have ever seen.” Claire just thought, “well not for long.” When Claire arrived she weighed one hundred twenty five pounds and was five foot three.

The pickup pulled into the driveway and Claire hopped out, thanked the neighbor and headed for the door and a new lifestyle.

Claire walked up to the front door, “Grandma, I’m here!” She heard her grandmother walking that nearly shook the house due to her weight. “Hello, dearest, how are you?” asked Grandma. “I’m fine Grandma.” Claire was stunned her grandmother had gained even more weight than the last time Claire had seen her. She had an underbelly, covering in bright pink cotton panty bulging and sagging from underneath her house dress.

Grandma exclaimed, “My gosh child you are so skinny! No wonder your mom wanted to send you to me. Well come in dear, we are going to have lunch is a few minutes, but I want you to change first. I have laid out some cotton briefs for you and a house dress. I don’t want you wearing those that awful lingerie any more.” Claire could only reply, “Yes Grandma.”
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Great Story
Fanedfox 1 year
Thank you! Please read the sequel to this and companion story Nat has a Fat Epiphany.
Fanedfox 2 years
Thank you for your kind comments. I don't think this had more chapters. I do have another story of a girl being fattened by her grandmother.

Again, thank you for commenting.
Nok 2 years
and thank you for writing, I've been reading your stuff since I was a teenager hahaha, wish i could pace and dialogue half as well as you, but i always lose my patience and start expositioning lol
Nok 2 years
the matter-of-fact way in which you do dialogue is astonishingly erotic. The first couple chapters esp. and some later lines and descriptions easily make it into my top ten for writing in this genre