Involuntary gain and spousal gain

chapter 1

I woke up rolled over on the family room couch hearing the crunch of cellophane wrappers and empty packages fall to the floor. “Shit, I did it again! I can’t believe I am such a pig that I can’t even sleep through the night without bingeing in the middle of the night!” I thought.

I sat up, not without some difficulty my now fifty inch belly sagging onto my fat thighs, by huge ass nearly bursting out of my five sizes to small bikini style briefs, I brushed the crumbs off of me. There were several empty cookie packages, empty milk cartons, ice cream tubs and pastry boxes strewn about the kitchen family room. Looking down at my bulging belly it was apparent where all that crap went right into my gut!

I stood up and started to pickup my mess. “Oh honey, that’s Ok I will clean up you go back up to bed baby its to early for you to get up!” said my bride of only six months, Sally.
I stood up, my huge paunch bulging out in front of me, “I sorry Baby, I could not help myself again, I don’t know what has gotten into me since we got married, I can stop eating, I am getting so FAT!”

“Its ok dearest.” Cooed Sally. “You go back up, I will be up soon, dear.” I turned and waddled/staggered upstairs to our bedroom. Sally watched me, smiling to herself, as she thought, “Another year and he will be to fat to move! Then to a nursing home and I am free and rich and fatso can wallow in his blubber!”

Sally and I had been co-workers a year or so ago. My wife of many years passed away from cancer and I was alone. I was in good shape, in my mid-fifties, and financially well off. Sally was a lot younger than I was, in her mid-thirties. She was quite pretty, slim and petite, being only 5’1” she weighed only 110 pounds.

I had seen Sally around the office, but I did not want an office relationship. Sally though soon started to pay attention to me. She had heard through the grapevine that I was quite rich and now a widower and alone, an easy target for a cute little gold digger.

Sally had a friend, who had married an older guy, who was also rich. Her girlfriend had become bored, and was casting around for a little fun. She hooked up with a guy who worked in the pharmaceutical industry and started an affair. But what could she do with the new older husband.

Her squeeze had a plan. His company had a weight gain/appetite stimulant that was oderless and tasteless. Why not slip in it her husband food and fatten him up! They reasoned he would be to interested in stuffing himself all the time to worry much about what his new little bride was up to.

Well their plan worked even better than they dared wish for. Her husband not only gained weight, but became morbidly obese in only two years. He became so fat that he was nearly immobile. The pretty younger bride, wasted no time in having him put in a nursing home where they could cope with his huge girth. By now he was so fat, that the stimulant was no longer necessary.

The friend now could have her cake and eat it too!

Sally started hinting to me to take her out for a drink or lunch. I finally gave in, when some of my friends expressed how lucky I was that this little hotty wanted to date me.

We hit if off pretty well, she was great in bed and very attentive. There was something that bothered me, but I could never put a handle on it.

We were married several months later. Sally stayed at the company, which I thought was curious, and I retired with a very generous package.

It was not long after we set up housekeeping that my appetite started to change. I had been a runner for a very long time and not especially worried or concerned with my weight I had stayed slim and very athletic in appearance.

I did start several fairly sedentary hobbies, models kits and some wood carving. Sally liked to dine out a lot. I started to eat more than I had in the past. I ate a large breakfast, that Sally insisted upon. I snacked on pastries and coffee during the mornings and then had a large lunch. Sally would come home and want to go out to dinner. She would order an entre and then feign not be able to eat it and insist that I finish it so it would not go to waste, which I dutifully did.

I noticed that I was gaining weight. I was only about a month after the wedding that I weighed myself, and my clothes were getting tight. I had gained about twelve pounds.

I said to Sally, “Hey dear, have you noticed that I am gaining weight?” “Oh Ned, you are fine honey, you lost weight after you wife died, its only natural to put on a few pounds when you get married again.” She cooed.

The weeks went by and I continued to gain weight. I was hungrier between meals and I would eat a lot more at meals. The night binges started and I really started to pork out!

Sally would say to me that she liked big guys and that I should not worry at all about my weight. I would complain about my big gut and fat ass, and she would just say, well who are you trying to impress. She liked that way I looked and not to worry.

Sally kept the house stocked with the most fattening things she could think of. Whenever I binged and cleaned out the pantry, it would be restocked that day, so whenever I felt the slightest hunger pang, there were plenty of fattening goodies to stuff myself with.
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