The new neighbor

chapter 1

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She moved to Elm Lane in the early fall. She was quite petite 5’1” and slim maybe 110 lbs. Her name was Sara, she worked for a food brokerage firm downtown. Sara had moved from the east to our city. She was very pretty, nice figure with very ample breasts and as all the neighborhood men quickly noticed.

Sara liked to work in her yard and garden, she did this in a bikini, some times she wore a t-shirt over too, but on warm days just the bikini. They sometimes noticed that Sara liked to snack, she always had either chips or cookies and a soda with her.

Her next door neighbors, Bill and Marge could not help but notice her, especially Bill.
Marge was aghast, she wanted to complain to someone, but Sara was doing nothing illegal nor in violation of any of the covenants. Bill on the other hand just enjoyed the view, though he loved Marge and her ample figure, he still could admire a pretty girl.

Bill and Marge would chat with Sara over the fence from time to time and they both thought she was very nice. Even Marge had to admit she did like her in spite of her
Showing off her body all the time and seemly eating whatever she wanted.

The weather grew colder, and neighborhood settled in for the winter, dark early in the evening and light late in the mornings, people did not see each other sometimes for weeks even months.

This was especially true of Sara. Marge and Bill could see lights on and hear the TV or stereo, but they never saw her all winter.

The days finally started to get warmer, the days longer. Bill and Marge worked in their yard, but did not see Sara until one evening in late May. What they saw stunned Marge and nearly gave poor Bill a heart attack.

Sara emerged from her house, she was wearing only a light, sheer nylon teddy, panties and a bra. What caused the commotion though was Sara was now quite FAT! She waddled down her back walk to put some trash in the waste cans. She turned around to start back and saw Bill and Marge. She waved, blushed and continued to waddle back to her house.

Marge could not believe her eyes, “Bill” she said, “did you see how huge she is” All poor Bill could do was stammer, “Yes dear I did, too.” Marge continued, “I am going over there, to talk to Sara, it not normal for a pretty young woman to get so fat so fast, I want to be sure she is alright.” Bill spoke up, “I will come too, honey.” “Oh no you’re not”, Marge said. “She maybe very upset about something to cause her go gain so much weight, she would be too embarrassed if a man came over.” Reluctantly Bill agreed.
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Holyflurkins... 3 years
Needs a sequel, I love the candy idea haha
Big Easy 2 years
I agree! Maybe the sequel is about a fit random guy or a friend of Bill/Marge that moves next door and they invite him for a bbq where he hooks up with Sara and she packs the pounds on him.